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World's Most Popular Emoji: Face with Tears of Joy

Pub Date:16-12-09 14:50 Source:People's Daily

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The emoji commonly known as "face with tears of joy" was named the "word" of the yearfor 2015 by Oxford Dictionaries. One year later, it is still the most popular emoji in theworld.

The world's largest input company, Kika, along with teams from Peking University and theUniversity of Michigan, recently released a report on emojis. The report offers dataanalysis of Kika input users' behavior around the world.

According to the report, the top 10 most popular emojis include the red heart, crying face,smiley face, face with tears of joy and smiling face with heart-shaped eyes. The face withtears of joy tops the list, accounting for 21.25 percent of all emojis used.

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Cell phone users in the U.S. send more than 31 million emojis each day. Research indicatesthat people use more emojis during the weekend. However, the peak day of emoji usage isMonday, a day known to cause bad moods; about 37 million emojis are sent each Monday.In addition, due to cultural differences, people from different countries choose and sendemojis in different ways. For example, French people use the heart emoji most frequently,while Argentinians often use the OK gesture.


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