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Policeman Saves Lives but Disfigured, Now Honored

Pub Date:16-11-21 08:24 Source:People's Daily

Zhang Jie in training. [Photo: weibo.com]

Hero: policeman who threw himself on gasoline tank which exploded to protect others ishonored.

This man, surnamed Zhang, saved lives despite suffering disfiguring injuries that he willlive with all of his life. Now, he has been honored as a "model national policeman" of China.

Zhang, a decorated policeman from Bengbu city, Anhui province was part of many rescue missions and helped negotiate hostage situations during his career.

Then, in January of 2016, his team was called to a residential building where it wasreported a suspect was piling up barrels of gasoline, threatening to blow up the building with residents inside. After SWAT and fire teams arrived on the scene along with Zhang and his team, they secured the location and evacuated residents, but were unable to negotiate with the suspect and decided to storm the building.

Unfortunately they were too late, as the suspect started to ignite the barrels, Zhang threw himself at the suspect allowing time for his team to escape. The flames engulfed Zhang,who was found after firefighters were able to extinguish the flames. Zhang sustained second and third-degree burns over 30% of his body.

Zhang Jie solutes when he is awarded as a model national policeman . [Photo: weibo.com]

Now, he was invited to tell his story on a TV show, and honored as a "model national policeman " and a hero in China.

Zhang Jie and his family before the accident. [Photo: ah.wenming.cn]


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