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Ma'anshan: a Magnet for Yangtze

Pub Date:16-09-06 09:57 Source:China Daily

Ma'anshan Yangtze River Bridge opened to traffic on Dec 31, 2013 in Ma'anshan city, making travel to neighboring cities much more convenient. Ma Xuan / For China Daily

60 years of development strengthens the industrial hub as a link between eastern seaboard and inland areas with bustling port transport

Ma'anshan, a city spanning the Yangtze River in Anhui province, has come a long way from asleepy, humble village with just a handful of families, transforming into a bustling economic center in the Yangtze River Delta.

It only officially became a city in October 1956. But, after 60 years' development, it has landed on the top 100 most-livable cities in China, quite a leap from the not-too-distant past.

Part of the reason is that this prefecture-level city borders Nanjing - the capital of the prosperous Jiangsu province - and provides a connection between the eastern seaboard and places farther inland.

It also sits on the doorstep of the Industrial Transfer Demonstration Zone, a part of Anhui'Yangtze River City Belt.

Ma'anshan means "Horse Saddle Mountain" in Chinese. Legend has it that Xiang Yu, prominent military leader and political figure in the late Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), killed himself after losing a battle in this area. His beloved, faithful horse was so grief-stricken that it leapt into the river and drowned. As a tribute, a boatman buried the saddle on a nearby hill, hence the name.

Today's Ma'anshan comprises three county-level districts and three counties in a 4,049-sq-km area, with a population of 2.27 million. It has achieved an urbanization rate of 66 percent.

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