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38 High Schools in Anhui Make China's Top 800 List

Pub Date:16-07-01 10:15 Source:www.cnanhui.org

Cuaa.net, China's leading institute for education evaluation, released a list of 800 best high schools after results of the national college entrance exam, or gaokao, were announced at the end of June.

East China's Anhui province earned 38 spots in the rankings. They are listed as follows:

School Name Location Ranking
Hefei No.1 High School Hefei 39
Tunxi No.1 High School Huangshan 50
Ma'anshan No.2 High School Ma'anshan 63
Lu'an No.1 High School Lu'an 78
Anqing No.1 High School Anqing 105
Bengbu No.2 High School Bengbu 105
Huaibei No.1 High School Huaibei 105
Chuzhou High School Chuzhou 150
Hefei No.8 High School Hefei 150
Huainan No.2 High School Huainan 150
Lingbi No.1 High School Suzhou 150
Taihu High School Anqing 210
Chaohu No.1 High School Hefei 210
Lujiang High School Hefei 210
Tianchang High School Chuzhou 210
Hefei 168 Senior High School Hefei 210
Huainan No.1 High School Huainan 210
Dangtu No.1 High School Ma'anshan 210
Tongcheng High School Anqing 210
Tongling No.1 High School Tongling 210
The High School Affiliated to Anhui Normal University Wuhu 210
Fushan High School Anqing 354
Yuantan High School Anqing 354
Bengbu No.3 High School Bengbu 354
Hexian No.1 High School Ma'anshan 354
Chizhou No.1 High School Chizhou 354
Dongzhi No.3 High School Chizhou 354
Guichi High School Chizhou 354
Taihe No.1 High School Fuyang 354
Feidong No.1 High School Hefei 354
Jinzhai No.1 High School Lu'an 354
Lu'an High School Lu'an 354
Shouxian No.1 High School Lu'an 354
Sixian No.2 High School Suzhou 354
Sucheng No.1 High School Suzhou 354
Nanling No.1 High School Wuhu 354
Nanling High School Wuhu 354
Wuhu No.1 High School Wuhu 354


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