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Editor's Note: Since the province officially became part of the Yangtze River Delta, known as a major engine behind China's economic growth, in September 2014, Anhui has done a great deal to fully involve itself in the sustainable development of the region.
Yangtze Push for 5G
The three operators will develop new 5G networks...
Source:Global Times Pub Date:18-06-05 08:42
Yangtze River Delta Plan Gains Approval
Authorities from Shanghai, Anhui...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:18-06-04 08:46
4 Anhui Cities Absorbed into Yangtze River Delta
Major government leaders of the Yangtze... Pub Date:18-04-13 10:00
Top Priority for Industry Clusters on Yangtze River Belt This Year
China will implement guidelines this year to promote the development of world-class industry clusters in the Yangtze River ...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:18-01-24 08:43
Projects to Improve Traffic on Yangtze
China will dredge sections of the Yangtze River this year...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:17-03-16 09:37
25 Arrested for Dumping Garbage into Yangtze River in China
Twenty five people have been arrested...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:17-02-15 08:03
Anhui Unveils Yangtze River Delta Urban Cluster Plan
The local government of Anhui has... Pub Date:16-12-19 10:18
Leaders Meet to Seek Common Development of Yangtze River Delta
Major leaders of the Yangtze River Delta signed ... Pub Date:16-12-09 10:53
Urban Clusters Release Growth Potential
Regional integration, transportation and, in particular, economic coordination, will be priorities for the Yangtze River Delta ...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:16-05-24 14:22
'Internet Plus' Strategy Gives Impetus to Anhui's Manufacturing
East China's Anhui province has... Pub Date:16-05-18 11:04
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Bosch Launches Anhui Plant Focusing on Connectivity
Arkansas Takes Care of Investors
US Cummins Builds Joint Venture with Chinese Auto Maker JAC
Ford, Zotye Plan New Joint Venture for Car-Hailing Services
Anhui Becomes Magnet for Foreign Investors
Hefei Busmaker Bags $63.6m Order in Saudi Arabia
Development Plan>>
Yangtze River Delta Plan Gains Approval
Senior Care Plan Launched in Yangtze River Delta
Hefei Hi-Tech Zone Aims for First-Class Status
Manufacturing Summit Set for Anhui Province in May
Water Quality of Xin'an River Improved after Eco-Compensation Program Launched
4 Anhui Cities Absorbed into Yangtze River Delta
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A Feel of Xiaogang's Culture
Anhui-Style Calligraphy, Paintings on Display in Beijing
International Museum Day Marked in Anhui
Nearly 10,000 Show Wuqinxi in Anhui's Bozhou
County in Anhui Holds Folk Activity
Mat Weaving Craft Revives on Back of High-End Demand
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