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Po Woo

Pub Date: 16-01-18 14:36 Source: www.chinaculture.org

Commonly known as the Festival of Po Woo, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year is a day when many taboos are believed  to be broken. From this day on, women can be free to shop around and shops will return to normal on this day.

Also, this day is said to be the birthday of the God of Wealth. People will shoot off firecrackers, trying  to win attention of the God of Wealth and thus ensuring his favor and good fortune for the New Year.

In northern China, people eat dumplings on the morning of Po Woo. Nuts or candies are put in the fillings of some dumplings, and many believe whoever eats them will have good fortune for the year.

For the Miao ethnic groups in southern Hunan Province, the lion represents good luck. Local people hold lion dancing activities on the fifth day. This is also the birthday of the Chinese god of wealth.

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