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Dragon Dance

Pub Date: 16-01-18 14:36 Source: www.chinaculture.org

Dragon dance is a kind of folk dance particularly performed during the Spring Festival, Chinese lunar New Year.

The players in the dragon costume take coordinated and rhythmic steps and perform to the music of loud gongs and drums. The longer the dragon is, the heavier the dragon is, the more performers there are, and the stronger the performers are required to be.

The dragon costume is often placed in local Temple of Dragon King. On the day of performing dragon dance, people will wave banners and flags, blow the horns and strike the gongs and drums to invite the “dragon” out.

The dragon is connected by bamboos, and is covered under a huge red cloth. Every 1.5 m, there will be a performer holding a rod to support the "dragon skin". The whole dragon is approximately 35 m long from head to tail. A person uses a pearl-like prop to lead the dragon. The dragon rises or falls, slowly or rapidly, to display various movements to the audience.

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