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Anhui Art Troupes Go World Wide
2013-10-21 14:53 www.english.cntv.cn

In recent years, with the restructuring of the cultural industry, many of these state-owned troupes in Anhui province have been forced to reinvent themselves. Now, they have formed limited liability companies and are embracing the needs of the performance industry market.

The Anhui Acrobatic Troupe is rehearsing a brand new stage play at home, but this is not all of them. Three divisions of the troupe are performing elsewhere at the moment, specifically in Dalian, Wuhan, and in United States. The Head of the troupe is glad to see invitation letters coming from all parts of the world, but he’s more into the idea of building a virtuous cycle of rehearsing and performing.

Zhu Jianxin, General Manager of Anhui Acrobatic Troupe Llc, said "We need to continue writing and rehearsing new material. Only in this way can we stay fresh and meet the needs of the market. "

What’s more, the audience will not be the only party to benefit. With a repertoire of more than 40 productions and an ever-improving reputation, many of the experienced members of the troupe have received a pay increase of nearly five times their previous salary.

Chen Yaqi, Acrobatic Performer, said "I’ve performed in about 20 countries already. My salary is around 5000 Yuan per month now. If I go on a tour to other countries, my salary will rise again."

Anhui Acrobatic Troupe, along with the provincial Huangmeixi troupe and theatre troupe, all received a boost from the rising performance industry. The government’s support also transformed from bring organization-oriented to results-oriented. Products with positive feedback get extra funds as a bonus.

As a consequence of the stimulation package, the Song and Dance Theatre of Anhui presented this critically acclaimed dance musical, "Anhui Troupes". The cast performed 17 times at the local universities and received praise from audience members of all ages.

Mao Huiping, Student of University of Science and Technology of China, said "Most of my friends watch video clips online if they want to see a dance performance, but that doesn’t make the same impression as going to the theatre to watch a musical in person."

Similar hard work is also paying off for another performing troupe, Anhui Huangmei Opera Troupe. The provincial troupe has structured a win-win deal to perform at small-scale theatres and traditional tea houses. Their daily performances attract regular consumers as well as potential fans. The mutual benefit has inspired local authorities to come up with a bigger master plan to cover the whole province.

With troupes like Huangmei Opera and Flower-drum lanterns, which have visited the U.S., Germany and France already, Anhui’s art troupes are aiming to conquer the rest of the world.

- Chinese Troupes Win Top Prizes at DPRK's Spring Art Festival   2007-04-19 10:37
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