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Anhui Province's Tourism Industry Sees Growth during National Day Holiday

Pub Date: 13-10-14 08:14 Source: chinadaily.com.cn

Anhui province saw robust tourism during the National Day holiday thanks to extensive preparation and close cooperation between the Anhui provincial government and related departments.

Three key phrases can be used to describe the tourism market during the Golden Week.

1. Robust growth

Compared with last year's eight-day holiday, this Golden Week lasted only seven days. With the impact of Typhoon Fitow, the tourism industry is growing at a comparatively slower, but still robust, pace.

The total number of tourists increased by 20 percent. Tourism income increased by over 30 percent. The 22 scenic areas in the province received more than 100,000 visitors, and ticket revenues at 10 spots amounted to over 5 million yuan ($810,000).

2. Distinctive characteristics

First, the province offered a large variety of tourism activities. Examples include Huangmei opera week in Anqing city, the “Scholar's Four Jewel” festival in Xuancheng city and a prayer trip in Chizhou city. Many options have contributed in easing the pressure of traveler accommodation.

Second, citizens traveled on a large scale. The pleasant weather and the implementation of the new Travel Law created even greater demand for travel among citizens.

Third, countryside trips were popular. An estimated 40 percent of tourists went on various countryside trips.

Fourth, self-driving trips were popular due to the significant improvement in traffic conditions and the toll-free policy for small cars.

3. High-quality service

This year, all holiday-related departments in Anhui province worked extensively to promote the tourism situation, working towards four shared goals: safety, order, quality and effectiveness. In addition to enhancement in publicity and promotion, efforts were also made to strengthen safety inspections and service quality in all areas. Even with the large number of tourists, the province maintained order and safety.

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