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Hefei-Bengbu Passenger Special Railway Sells Tickets Today

Pub Date: 12-10-11 10:14 Source: www.cnanhui.org

The travelers can buy tickets of Hefei-Bengbu Passenger Special Railway from today through Internet, telephone, or in rail station and at ticket-selling agencies. Yesterday afternoon, Shanghai Bureau of Railway and Anhui Provincial Development & Reform Commission jointly held the press conference on the opening of Hefei-Bengbu Passenger Special Railway, saying that it will officially open to traffic on October 16.

The special railway was funded by Anhui Province and Ministry of Railways and it started construction in January, 2009. 6 stations, namely, Hefei Station, Northern Hefei Station, Shuijiahu Station, Eastern Huainan Station, Southern Bengbu Station and Bengbu Station, were set up for special railway. The designed speed was 350 km/h and at the early time of opening, the trains will run in the special railway at the speed of 300 km/h.

After the operation of Hefei-Bengbu Passenger Special Railway, the high-speed trains to Beijing and Qingdao will be launched and the travel time from Hefei to Beijing will be cut to within 4 hours from 9 hours and a half in the past; and the travel time from Hefei to Qingdao will be shortened to less than 6 hours from 14 hours previously.

At the press conference, Shanghai Bureau of Railway announced that the railway will operates on October 16 and the first train G262 from Hefei to Southern Beijing will run at 8 00. At the early time of operation, 15 paris of high-speed trains will run in the special railway, that is, 9 paris from Hefei to Southern Beijing, 2 pairs from Hefei to Qingdao and 4 pairs from Hefei to Bengbu.

Before the operation of Hefei-Bengbu Passenger Special Railway, the residents of Hefei could only take trains beginning with Z, T and K and the price of semi-cushioned berth ranged from 240 yuan to 263 yuan.

After the operation, the price of second-class seat and first-class seat from Hefei to Southern Beijing is 429 yuan and 722 yuan respectively.

(By Sha Qing)

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