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Highly-Recommended Local Commodities for Tourists in China

Pub Date: 12-05-31 15:22 Source: People's Daily Online

Many tourists say that they usually do not know what to buy when they are touring a place.

Regarding the tourism shopping, the director-general of the National Tourism Administration of China Shao Qiwei once said, "Many tourists will definitely buy watches in Switzerland, buy leather goods in Italy and buy small electrical household appliances in Japan. I suggest that tourism regions of China should learn something from these countries and have their own special tourism commodities."

Currently, some provinces and cities in China have listed their highly-recommended tourism products. Here are some for tourists to refer to.


Wangzhihe preserved bean curd, Quanjude roast duck, Red Star Erguotou (liquor), souvenir series of Water Cube, Front Gate Yingxiang tea set, Rongbaozhai woodcut paintings, Lenovo digital products, Neiliansheng cloth shoes, Wangmazi scissors, and violin series of Pinggu District

Anhui Province

Huainanzi sculptures, local specialties of "Shangelao" brand, "Xiaoyao Lao Zi" sculptures, Chinese raccoon dog writing brush, peafowl Chinese knot, jade-texture gold-sound musical stone, "Lao Zi going out of the pass" hanging panel, Fengyang "flower drum girl," "Green in Cloud" high-class green tea, and four-sheep square sculptures

Gansu Province

Tongbenma silk articles, dragon plate and double-dragon bowl, pottery figurines of camels and camel guides, sculptured and painted garlic-shape bottle, Zhuoni Tao River Ink-stone, ancient-style colored potteries, embroidery product series of Qingyang, paper woven patterns, and Tongbenma honor guard figurines

Changzhou City,east China's Jiangsu Province

Changzhou combs, Changzhou needlework products, Liuqing bamboo sculptures, "dinosaur baby" product series, dried turnip, Yitai food product series, local specialties of Tianmu Lake, farmer family dishes of Wujin District, Shinco digital products, and Ding Gua Gua colorized cotton underwear

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