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Measures Unveiled to Tackle Inflation

Pub Date: 11-06-20 16:39 Source: www.cnanhui.org

Anhui Provincial Government unveiled a notice regarding further stabilizing commodity prices to guarantee people's wellbeings on June.12, aimed to rein in inflation from 16 aspects including investment, production, circulation and regulation.

The notice states that the government will continue to designate investment of up to 10 million yuan on a project that plans to meet demand for vegetables through ensuring no less than 14.5 million mu of plantation area, or 966,666 hectares this year.

Necessity supplies such as grain, edible oil and pork will be expanded in volume in time to tame soaring prices.

Meanwhile, retailing network for agricultural products should be improved in a bid to boost circulation. Methods that reduces circulation time and expenses should be promoted, such as establishing vegetable direct selling stores in cities, and encouraging vegetable producing areas to link up with urban stores.

Utility prices including gas, water and electricity will be under close watch of provincial pricing bureau. Except for price adjustments made by Central Government, any move to raise utility price should be filed for approval from the bureau beforehand.

Prices of daily necessities, which include grain, oil and dairy will also be closely monitored by pricing administrations all over the province, and any price hike should be made public beforehand. Cost investigations should be carried out, if there is any significant price surge, or concentrated price surge for a certain kind of necessity.

Commodity price-orientated temporary subsidies will be initiated in time for urban low-income groups, who are most vulnerable to inflation.

Price regulators should be well-prepared for emergent incidents such as abnormal price jumps and panic purchase, so as to take intervention measures in time.

The notice also says that, reports on consumer price changes should continuously be tracked by pricing bureaus and Anhui Survey Team of National Bureau of Statistics. Cities topping the province for price growth for 3 consecutive months will be supervised by provincial government for improvement.

(By Zha Xuan)

Editor: 查璇

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