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Huangmei Opera: Female Emperor's Son-in-Law

Pub Date: 10-11-16 16:45 Source: www.cnanhui.org


Feng Suzhen was engaged to Li Zhaoting in her childhood. After ruin of family Li, Li Zhaoting lodged himself to Feng Residence. Because of his poverty, Feng Suzhen's parents rejected his beg, what was worse, they even brought a false charge against Li Zhaoting with steal. He was put into prison and Suzhen was forced to marry a magnate. She did not submit herself to the arrangement and dressed up as a young man. Suzhen ran away from her hometown and then participated in the national examination by assuming her fiance, Li Zhaoting's name. It never occurred to her that she got the Number one scholar. The Emperor had such a good impression on her that he intended to make her his son-in-law. Suzhen refused again and again but was not permitted. She had to receive the demand and went to the palace to get married with the princess.

On the wedding night, Suzhen told the princess of the truth at risk of death. The princess was moved deeply. The next day, on the royal court, Suzhen got the absolution of cheating the Emperor with her intelligence. Besides, her fiance, Li Zhaoting was released from the prison. Hearing these, SuZhen's brother, the former Number one scholar, Feng Yiming, instead of his sister, came to the royal court to beg the Emperor's pardon. He met with the princess and they fell in love with each other at first sight. The Minister, Liu Wenju, as a medium, made Feng Yiming the son-in-law of the Emperor. From then on, the two couples led their happy life.

Editor: 查璇

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