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Sheng Qiong Awarded Lu Xun Literature Prize

Pub Date: 10-10-27 16:38 Source: www.cnanhui.org

Sheng Qiong, the Lu Xun Literature Prize Winner

She had been journalist and editor in a local television station of Anqing, a city of Anhui province for decades. She had also been richly paid in a big bank. And this year, she was honored by Lu Xun Literature Prize.

Sheng Qiong, a 42-year-old writer of Anqing origin, won Lu Xun Literature Prize, a prestigious literary award in China named after Lu Xun, a founder of modern Chinese literature, for her works "Brother's feast".

Recalled by her high school Chinese teacher----Liu Jianxin as a plainly dressed and demure girl, who achieved highly in academic studies, especially in writing, Sheng's life path was full of accolades.

Her passion for literature showed at a very young age, as Sheng declared in front of all teachers and classmates that one thing she wished to do most was writing. She devoured lots of books, from Chinese and foreign classics to modern literary works.

"I could almost foresee success she's made today 25 years ago," said Liu.

As a top student in national universities and colleges entrance exam in the year of 1985, Sheng went to Fudan University, one of the most renowned universities in China, majoring in journalism.

After graduation, she returned to hometown, first as journalist in a local TV station, then producer and vice director of a channel. Sheng was transferred to Zhuhai TV station  of Guangdong province in 1997.

In 2003, she went to branch office of Bank of China in Shenzhen. There she engaged in publicity and internal publications compiling. Though handsomely paid, Sheng's desire for writing remained, even reignited after decades' experience as journalist. She began to publish some essays in spare time.

Two years later, she quitted the job and became a professional writer.

Describing herself as sensitive, introverted and sometimes eccentric, Sheng said she had a deposition that matched writing, which often requires imaginations.

She considered that life had been kind to her, as she grew up in comfortable conditions and is now happily married and with a daughter. But she cannot agree with those doubts questioned by many people that, her uneventful and easy life would prevent her from composing works of profound insights.

All experience she had, particularly those as journalist which enabled her to reach various people from all walks of life. Sheng said, each one had a story that she eagerly wished to explore. These are cornerstones for her writing afterwards.

Sheng holds dear what she is doing right now, even with less pay. She explained that she loved writing so much and the work she's engaging now allows plenty of time to read and meditate.

(By Zha Xuan)

Editor: 查璇

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