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Anhui Pavilion Ready to Show Prosperous Culture

Pub Date: 10-04-19 16:02 Source: Eastday.com

The exterior of Anhui Pavilion is decorated with typical element of the unique Hui-style architecture.

Video showing the famed "Guest-Greeting Pine"

The image of Hui-style architecture.

Anhui Pavilion follows the unique Hui-style architecture, creating a harmonious composition of ancient Chinese buildings. The exterior of the pavilion uses a Barrisol curtain wall with rectangular fenders inside to absorb daylight, so as to create the feel of a typical Hui-style building that can easily stand out among pavilions.

The Anhui Pavilion includes two main exhibition areas. "Anhui Impression", one of the two areas, will focus on the historical impact of Hui culture highlighted by its intrinsic philosophy of harmony and innovation on the modern life.

The 240-square-meter pavilion's first surprise will be a laser image of a famed "Guest-Greeting Pine", at the entrance to the Yellow Mountain to welcome visitors. Names of various cities in Anhui will then glisten on the branches, symbolizing the fact that people in the province are very hospitable.

Visitors will then arrive at a round theater - the exhibition area named "Colourful City," where they will encounter a huge gift box that will be gradually unpacked until a crystal bottle dazzles visitors. With agreeable music, a seven-colored ink will spill over the bottle from the top and flow down. After the touch of a child's hands, the bottle will instantly display an ink and water painting of the Yellow Mountain. Before long, the painting will fade and on the surface of the bottle, images of tourist attractions will appear, followed by videos about the development of industry, agriculture, infrastructure, advanced technology, territorial culture and opening policy of the province.

(By Zha Xuan)

Editor: Meredith

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