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Peace-Keeping Police Wang Xueyan

Pub Date: 10-04-13 09:21 Source: Anhui Today Magazine


She is a Chinese peace keeping riot police to Haiti, in the face of life and death,she and her colleagues rescued five lives with bare hands from the rubble. Her braveness and fearlessness won her high praise. She helped to make the “image of China”stay in Haitian earthquake areas. She is Wang Xueyan, a policewoman from Huainan city.

Displaying the Image of Chinese Police before the World

"I would thank the people of my hometown who care about me. I grow up and was educated in Huainan. I was trained by the Public Security Bureau of Huainan City. As a career police coming here, I think on the one hand we help to safeguard the world peace, on the other hand, we display the image of Chinese police and even Huainan police on the world stage. People at home all are living a happy life, we should cherish the happy life."  Around ten o’clock on January 17,Wang Xueyan's voice came over the phone from thousands of miles away.

Suddenly, the room became silent. As the telephone signal was not good, the hero's voice was intermittent. During our conversation on the phone, the phone automatically disconnected several times. When we were talking, all people present seemed to have started each cell of their ear cavities. We would like to capture every word uttered from her mouth in the air.

Among the visitors who paid a visit to Wang Xueyan's home on that day were leaders and colleagues from the Publicity Department of the Huainan Municipal Committee, Huainan Municipal Public Security Bureau, and Huainan Municipal Federation of Literary and Arts Circle, as well as her friends and colleagues in the Anti-theft Battalion of Huainan Municipal Police Detachment. All the visitors wanted to speak much but they would really like to say one sentence:“Are you doing fine in Haiti, Wang Xueyan? Do take good care of yourself.”

She was Black and Thin on CCTV News Program

On January 16, CCTV Seven o’clock News program broadcasted a piece of news “China International Rescue Team Search for Survivals after Haiti earthquake.” The news report described the details of how Wang Xueyan and her colleagues rescued five persons who were buried under the ruins.On January 13, under the context of continuous aftershocks after the earthquake, Wang Xueyan risked her lives to burst into the ruins. She and her colleagues first climbed into the buildings along a ladder and then resourcefully used bumper jacks to remove the collapsed floors. In just one hour and 40 minutes,they succeeded in rescuing five survivors who were buried underneath the collapsed floors and won the heartfelt gratitude from the rescued international friends.

In front of the camera, WangXueyan modestly and calmly said: “We are not weak women. We have come hereas peace keeping police. As a peace keeping policewoman, I think, the most basic duty is to help and rescue other people when they are in when in a crisis.”

Niu Jinrong, Wang Xueyan's mother,stayed by the side of a TV set and keptwatching TV every day. She had not had enough sleep in the past few days. Talking about her daughter, she could not help but shed tears unconsciously: “I saw Yanziin the news report of China CentralTelevision. I noticed that she was darkand also thin. I was a little bit sad at that time. Believe me, when she first called me from Haiti after the earthquake and told us that she and her colleagues had rescued five individuals. I really want to blame her for braving her safety to rescue others. But when I saw the young lad who was rescued by her telling the reporters that it was the Chinese police officers who saved my life, I really felt proud of her."

Editor: Meredith

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