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Commerce Department

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Major Responsibilities:

 1. To implement national development strategies, guidelines and policies of domestic and foreign trade, international economic cooperation, and foreign capital use; to draw up the provincial medium-and long-term planning and annual plan for domestic and foreign trade, international economic cooperation and development.

2. To study and offer opinions on the reform of circulation system, foster and develop urban and rural markets, promote the restructuring of circulation industries and such modern circulation modalities as store chain operation, logistics distribution and e-commerce.

3. To study and draw up policies for normalizing the market operation and distribution order, and breaking up market monopoly and regional barriers, to promote the construction of an integrated, open, competitive and orderly market system; to monitor and analyze the situation of market operation and commodity supply and demand, and organize the regulation of major consumers market and the management of the circulation of major means of production.

4. To analyze the situation of international economy and trade, and the situation of the provincial import and export, and put forward macro-regulative suggestions on balancing overall capacity and restructuring; to operate various facilitating funds of domestic and foreign trade, international economic cooperation and foreign investment utilization at the state and provincial levels.

5. To organize and guide such large-scale trade-promoting activities as trade fair, consultation fair; to verify and approve the establishment of foreign permanent representative institutions of commerce in Anhui Province; to coordinate the deputation of the transportation of international goods; to organize and implement regional economical and trade cooperation, and to handle the problems in the fields of multilateral and bilateral economy and trade.

6. To implement state-formulated measures for the regulation of import and export commodities, the catalogue of import and export commodities and import, and export quota tendering policies; to be responsible for drafting, submitting and issuing import and export quota plan and for issuing and administrating licenses; to direct and coordinate the work of processing trade; to direct the import and export of mechanical and electrical products of the whole province.

7. To implement and execute national policies concerning trade in technology, state import and export control, and policies encouraging the export of technology and complete set of equipment; to push forward the establishment of foreign trade standardization system; to supervise technology import, equipment import, export of domestic technologies subject to state export restriction and re-export of imported technologies, to administrate the issues related to state import and export control.

 8. To organize and coordinate the work pertaining to anti-dumping and countervailing, safeguard measures and other issues related to fair trade for import and export, to institute a fair trade early warning mechanism for import and export, and organize industry injury investigations; to direct and coordinate domestic efforts in responding to foreign antidumping, countervailing, and safeguard investigations and other issues concerned.

9. To give general guidance to the foreign investment; to analyze and study the situation of foreign investment, draw up the policies of foreign investment utilization; to guide and supervise the provincial efforts in attracting foreign investment and other business opportunities, investment promotion, inspecting and approving foreign-invested enterprises and import and export; to verify and approve, according to law, the contracts and statues of projects with foreign investment and their major subsequent changes particularly stipulated in relevant legislations; to verify and approve the establishment and changes thereafter of foreign-invested enterprises with foreign input exceeding the state-stipulated amount, or engaged in restricted business areas, or in businesses subject to quota and license administration; to supervise the enforcement of laws, regulations, contracts and statutes by foreign-invested enterprises.

10. To comprehensively coordinate and direct the relevant specific work of the provincial economic and technological development zones; to keep in touch with the export processing zones and tax-deductible zones.

11. To be responsible for the work of foreign economic cooperation; to implement the national policies of foreign economic cooperation, to direct and supervise overseas contract projects, labor cooperation, and designing and consulting businesses; to implement China’s administrative measures and specific policies of overseas investment, to examine, verify and approve according to law the provincial enterprises to invest in and/or set up overseas establishments (excluding financial enterprises) and supervise their operation.

12. To administrate the activities of economy, trade and foreign affairs in the province; to contact China’s economic and commercial institutions functioning abroad and international economic organizations and foreign commercial institutions in China; to guide the construction of information networks, e-commerce, electronic government affairs; to guide the work of relevant associations and societies.

13. To undertake other matters and tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.

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