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Agriculture Commission

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Major Responsibilities:

1. To implement the central government’s guidelines and policies related to agricultural and rural economic development, to be responsible for the investigation and study of agricultural and rural economic policies, to study and work out the rules, regulations and policies of various agricultural industries of farming, husbandry, fishery and so on and supervise their implementation after approval.

2. To study and draw up the development strategies of agricultural and rural economic development, and medium- and long-term and annual development planning, and organize its implementation after approval; to draw up agricultural development planning and supervise its implementation.

3. To study and draft policies of agricultural industry, to organize and direct the rational restructuring of agricultural industry and rural economy; to participate in studying and formulating the policies concerning the prices of agricultural products and means of agricultural production, and policies of agricultural production circulation, agricultural loans, tax revenue, insurance and agricultural financial subsidies; according to administrative jurisdiction, to take charge of major projects of agricultural and rural economy construction.

4. To study and put forward proposals on deepening the reform of rural economic system; to direct agricultural socialized service systems and the construction of countryside collective and cooperative economic organizations; to stabilize and improve the system of unified management combined with independent management based on household contract responsibility system; to regulate rural economic interest relations, to direct and supervise rural land contracting, collective finance, collective assets, reduction of peasants’ burdens, and the transfer of the land use right.

5. To study and formulate agricultural industrialization policy, development plan of wholesale market system of staple agricultural products, accelerate integration of pre-production, production and post-production, to coordinate vegetable basket program and market system of agricultural production; to be responsible for agricultural statistics, to calculate and issue the supply and demand of farm products, agricultural means of production, and rural economic information; to reserve and arrange the disaster-relief materials for agricultural production.

6. To organize and formulate the strategy of invigorating agriculture through science, technology and education; to study and work out the planning and the related supporting policies for agricultural science, technology, education and popularization of technology; to coordinate the development of agriculture, science and education, to administrate and popularize the agricultural scientific and technological research achievements; to guide agricultural education and the development of agricultural professional skills.

7. To participate in drafting the local technical standards of agriculture and quality standards of agricultural products, to be responsible for supervising and attesting the quality of agricultural products, green food products and healthy agricultural products without being polluted; to organize and coordinate the quality motoring, authentication and law enforcement supervision over seeds, agrochemicals, animal and fishing remedies, forage, chemical fertilizer, agricultural machineries, fishing boats and so on; to organize the provincial production and the registration of imported materials as seed, agrochemicals, animal and fishing remedies, forage, chemical fertilizer, agricultural machineries and the supervision of the safety of agricultural machinery.

8. To be responsible for the protection and administration of biological species resources and new species of agricultural animals and plants; to organize and coordinate the epidemic prevention and quarantine of animals and plants, and release information of epidemic situation and organize the work of extermination; to be responsible for veterinarian administration and the animal remedy administration and inspection, and for the supervision and administration of fishing administration and fishing harbor.

9. To be responsible for foreign affairs concerning agriculture and international economical and technological cooperation and exchange related to agriculture and the introduction of foreign intelligence; to study and propose suggestions on the import and export of major agricultural products and major agricultural means of production; according to administrative jurisdiction, to be responsible for the project of agricultural utilization of foreign capital, to organize and implement the profitable export of agricultural products, and promote opening to the outside world.

10. To supervise and administrate according to law the protection of agricultural ecological environment, to organize ecological agriculture and agricultural sustainable development; to guide the development and utilization of fishing waters, to be responsible for protecting aquatic animal and hydrophyte and wildlife; to supervise and administrate rural energy resources and their exploitation and utilization.

11. To organize the assessment of the professional titles of skilled technician in agricultural sector and peasant technician, to organize the further education of rural primary cadres and technical training of peasants, to direct the construction of the team of agricultural technical popularization, team of rural agricultural operation and team of administrative law enforcement.

12. Undertake the daily routine of the leading group for rural work.

13. Undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.

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