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Construction Department

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Major Responsibilities:

1. To study and draft the policies and rules related to urban planning, rural (village and town) planning, project construction, urban development, rural (village and town) development, building industry, housing and real-estate industry, industry of survey, design and consultancy, industry of municipal public utilities, and industry of sightseeing; to study and draft the relevant development strategies, reform plan, mid- and long-term planning and annual plan and direct their implementation, and conduct the supervision over the relevant industry.

2. To be responsible for the work of urban planning, rural (village and town) planning, urban investigation and municipal engineering survey in the whole province; to be responsible for the examination and reporting for approval the urban overall planning, regional planning, and provincial urban system planning; to participate in formulating provincial land planning, regional planning and the site choosing of major construction projects; to participate in the examination of the overall planning of land use; to undertake the responsibility for review of and application for approval of historic cities and supervision over their protection; to administrate urban construction documents.

3. To organize the implementation of the national standards, unified quotas during project construction period and sector standards and economic quotas; to organize and formulate local standards during project construction period and are numbered and issued by the Anhui Quality and Skill Supervision Bureau; to organize, formulate and release provincial unified quotas and standards in the construction sector, and economic quotas and local standards; to organize to formulate economic assessment methods for feasible study of the Provincial construction projects, economic parameters, construction standards, construction period quotas, construction site index, investment estimating index and construction costs management system. The above standards, quotas, index and parameters will be issued after the countersignature of the Provincial Development and Planning Commission, to supervise the implementation of the standard quotas of various project constructions.

4. To administrate the construction activities in the province; to be responsible for the investigation and design of project construction and urban and rural construction, and for construction installment and residence decoration; to normalize construction market; to guide and supervise construction market access, construction project tendering, construction project administration and construction project quality, to supervise and administrate the safe production of the Provincial construction system; to draft the rules and regulations for investigation, design, building and supervision of construction projects as well as management of relevant social intermediaries and supervise their implementation; to coordinate construction enterprises to participate in international projects and cooperation of labor services for construction.

5. To be responsible for directing and administrating urban and rural (village and town) construction in the province; to provide guidance for the overall development and socialized service of urban and rural construction; to administrate the urban water supply and water conservation, gas, heating, municipal utilities, public transmit, landscaping, urban appearance, environmental hygiene and sculpture; to administrate the landscaping in urban planning areas; to guide the administration of scenic and historic interest areas in the province, to be responsible for examining, inspecting and reporting for approval the scenic and historic interest areas and their planning, and be responsible for protecting and supervising them; to guide the exploitation, utilization and protection of underground water in urban planning areas; to direct the administration of urban appearance and environment and supervision of urban construction.

6. To be responsible for the reform of residence construction and urban housing system; to be responsible for administrating residence and real-estate industry; to guide the paid transfer of the right of urban land use and the development work; to guide and normalize real-estate market.

7. To be responsible for preparing aseismatic design specifications for all kinds of buildings and their affiliated facilities as well as municipal utilities; to give guidance to developing and utilizing underground spaces in urban areas.

 8. To formulate the Provincial sci-tech development plans and technological economic policies in the construction sector, to organize major sci-tech projects and transfer and popularize their achievement, to direct and administrate major technological innovation and introduction.

9. To formulate professional personnel training program for the sector, to give guidance to the staff training and staff further education for the construction sector in the province.

 10. To administrate foreign economic and technological cooperation and foreign affairs in the construction sector; to give guidance to enterprises in opening up international construction markets and real-estate markets.

11. To be responsible for the construction of professionals and skilled personnel in the construction sector, to be responsible for the administration of professional skills, professional titles evaluation and professional qualifications; to guide the system reform of construction sector.

 12. To participate in dispatching inspectors for major construction projects.

13. To undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.

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