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Finance Department

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Major Responsibilities:

1. To implement the national laws, rules and regulations related to finance and taxation; to draw up and implement the provincial development strategy, guidelines, policies, mid- and long-term planning, reform schemes, and other relevant policies for finance and taxation; to participate in formulating various macro-economic policies; to put forward suggestions on macroeconomic regulation and balanced allocation of social fund with fiscal instruments; to draw up and implement policies regarding income distribution between the provincial and local government and between the state and enterprises.

2. To draw up the draft of annual financial budgets of the province; and on behalf of the Provincial Government, to report to the Provincial People’s Congress on the provincial financial budgets and its executive situation, and report to the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress on the financial final accounts.

3. To administrate and supervise the funds related to project investment, science and technology and environmental protection and conduct the allocation of capital; to participate in studying and formulating the advice on the Provincial implementation of national macro-control policies concerning major commodity circulation domain; to administrate and allocate subsidies for major commodity reserve and other administrative subsidies.

4. To administrate and supervise the expenditure on social security, urban housing and land transfer; to participate in the reform of investment, labor wage, commodity prices, economy and trade, science and education, housing, land, medical treatment, social security and so on; to administrate the Provincial extra-budget capital and be responsible for formulating and implementing the policies on special financial accounts; to supervise the issuance of lottery in the province.

5. To implement national agricultural tax decree, to organize the levy of agricultural tax and be responsible for the administration of financial input in agriculture; to be responsible for the administration of the provincial financial capital allocated to agriculture; to be responsible for the overall administration of agricultural development projects and financial affairs.

6. To supervise and administer the accounting work in the province, to implement accounting laws and national unified accounting system, to exert administrative punishment on individuals and institutions that have violated the accounting laws; to direct and supervise certified accountants, assessors for registered assets and certified tax accountants and accountant firms, firms of assessors for registered assets, tax agency and other social intermediary institutions related to economic appraisal; to direct and administrate social auditing; to be responsible for the pilot work of accountants-dispatching system.

7. To draft and implement the policies, reform plan, regulations and management measures for state-owned capital funds management; to organize and implement the checking of the assets and capital of state-owned enterprises and demarcation and registration of the capital ownership; to be responsible for calculating and analyzing state-owned capital; to provide guidance for the evaluation of property; to formulate management regulations and systems for government public property.

8. To be responsible for the management of the whole provincial treasury bonds and the supervision over the financial affairs of local securities, financial, and insurance institutions; to administrate loans from the World Bank, and foreign governments, and loans from the Asian Development Bank and Japan Bank for International Cooperation; to be responsible for the supervision and administration of financial affairs of foreign enterprises and public institutions; to take charge of the Party and government organizations’ funds for foreign affairs and non-trade foreign exchange within financial budgets.

 9. To supervise the implementation of fiscal and tax policies, laws and rules; to check and report the important problems in the management of financial income and expenditure; to propose policies and suggestions on strengthening financial administration; to be responsible for the propaganda work of fiscal and tax policies and rules.

10. To undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.

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