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Economic Commission

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Major Responsibilities:

1. To monitor and analyze the situation of economic operation, and regulate economic routine performance; to initiate and implement the recent regulatory goals and policies and measures for economic performance, and to put forward opinions and suggestions to solve the significant problems in economic performance.

2. To study and work out the comprehensive rules, policies and measures for provincial economic performance and industrial development; to collect, sort out, analyze and release relevant economic information.

3. To study, draw up and organize the implementation of industrial policies, direct industrial development and industrial restructuring; to put forward plans of key industries and key products; to study and formulate trade planning, trade rules and trade criteria of industry, and implement the industrial management; to keep in touch with relevant social intermediary organizations; to be responsible for the administrative management of salt trade within the province; to be responsible for the innovation of wall materials and resource-saving of building materials; to undertake the routine work of the Provincial Leading Group Office for the implementation of ¡°Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons¡±.

4. To study the policies and measures for enterprise technological progress, to organize and promote technological innovation; to direct technology import, and the localization of key equipment and the research and manufacturing of key technology; to provide guidance for resource-saving and comprehensive utilization, to organize and coordinate the protection of industrial environment and relevant problems of the development of environmental protection industry.

5. To organize the emergency dispatch of important materials and coordinate their transportation, and formulate rapid responses to emergencies, to coordinate and solve the major problems of economic operation concerning communication, and post and telecommunications; to organize and promote combined transportation, to coordinate the railway, highway, waterway, civil aviation, containerized and pipeline transportation.

6. To study and propose with relevant departments the layout of the national economy of the province and offer opinions and suggestions on the adjustment of the enterprise reform policies and measures; to guide the reform, restructuring, merger and bankruptcy of enterprises, to promote the establishment of modern enterprise system; to be responsible for the establishment of large-scale enterprises and the verification of their being re-organized into limited liability companies; to participate in the direct financing of enterprises; to guide the administration, loss-reduction, and burden-reduction of enterprises; to provide guidance for the management over legal consultants within the enterprises.

7. To study and plan the layout of industry of the province, to regularly promulgate the guiding catalogue of project investment; to guide the orientation of industrial enterprise investment and commercial bank loans with the national allocated funds excluded, to implement the registration, record-keeping, and supervision of projects, and bring them in line with the aggregate balance of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission; to guide enterprises to utilize foreign capital, to develop international operation, to introduce intelligence, and to promote international communication and cooperation, to be responsible for the supervision and inspection of key technological transformation projects.

8. To study and draw up the policies and measures concerning the resource market of coal, petroleum, natural gas, electric power and so on and organize their implementation; to cultivate and supervise the resource market of coal, petroleum, natural gas and electronics, to coordinate and solve the major problems of resource production and the market supply and demand.

9. To guide the development and reform of medium and small-size enterprises, private enterprises and private-owned enterprises, and to be responsible for the relevant coordination and service work.

10. To undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.

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