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Development and Reform Commission

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Major Responsibilities:

1. To study and propose the strategies, the medium-and-long-term layout and an annual plan for national economy and social development; to study and propose the regulatory objectives and policies on gross balance, development speed and structure adjustment, and to harmonize the comprehensive balance and key ratio relations of such major economic aggregates as social total demand and supply.

2. To study and propose the suggestions on the implementation of national financial policies in our province, and the suggestions of regulating economic and social development by employing important economic means such as investment, finance, credit, price, foreign loan, domestic reserve and so on; be responsible for the adjustment of regular economic performance, and coordinating and solving major problems in economic performance.

3. To be responsible for sector-specific administration of industry, to draft the sector-specific planning for industry and industrial policies and supervise their implementation; to direct the restructuring of industries and put forward adjustment plans for key industries and key products; to propose development strategies for high-tech industries, to study the policies and measures for technological progress of enterprises, and promote technological innovation; to study and coordinate the solution of major problems associated with agriculture and rural economic and social development, and coordinate rural dedicated plans and policies; to comprehensively analyze the effects of the implementation of fiscal, financial, industrial and price policies; to study and propose local investment and financing policies; to work out the plan for issuing bonds of enterprises in the province.

4. To study the major issues concerning economic restructuring and opening up to the outside world, to organize and draft comprehensive plans of economic systems restructuring, coordinate the plans related to specific economic systems restructuring; to propose suggestions on perfecting socialist market economy system, to guide and promote the overall economic systems restructuring.

5. To recommend the total size of fixed assets investment of the whole province, and plan the layout of key projects and productivity; to study and put forward major policies for investment and construction; to comprehensively work out the annual investment plan for the fixed assets under the provincial financial budget, to arrange fiscal expenditure for economic construction and governmental special construction funds; to direct and supervise the utilization of foreign loans in construction projects and policy-oriented loans; to arrange construction projects funded by central government appropriation, key foreign-funded projects, and overseas investment projects; to encourage and guide private investment; to arrange the plan for key provincial construction projects, and according to the division of responsibility, exert administration on key projects; to organize and guide the work of special inspectors for key projects.

 6. To study and analyze the demand and supply of markets inside and outside the province, and maintain the aggregate balance and macro-control of important commodities; to formulate plans for the overall volume of import and export of important agricultural products, industrial products and raw materials, supervise the implementation of these plans and adjust them in accordance with the performance of the national economy; to study and propose suggestions on the reserve of important commodities; to organize and formulate the development planning for the provincial service industries and development, key regional wholesale market and key element market, and to direct the establishment of the provincial market system; to put forward strategies and plans for the development of modern logistics.

7. To promote the strategy of sustainable development, propose the policy and suggestions on harmonizing economic development with that of population, resources, and environment; to study and formulate plans for resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, to participate in the formulation of ecological improvement plans, put forward policies of resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, and coordinate the solution of major issues of ecological improvement and resource conservation and comprehensive utilization; to organize and coordinate environmental protection; to propose policies for renovating, exploiting, utilizing and protecting land resources.

8. To study and analyze the development of regional economy and urbanization, work out the planning for the development of regional economy; to put forward the strategy, important policies, and measures concerning urbanization development; to formulate and organize the implementation of supporting backward areas by means of economic development and employment instead of relief; to organize, coordinate, and manage relocation of the emigrants from the reservoir-construction sites and their economic recovery projects.

9. To study and propose the development strategies of social undertakings of the province and the major issues of coordinated economic and social development in the province; to coordinate social undertakings such as education, culture, public health, and national defense, and synchronize their development with the development of national economy; to formulate the medium- and long-term planning and annual plan for the provincial development of social undertakings; to study and put forward the policies for promoting employment and improving coordinated development of social security and economy; to coordinate the solution of major issues related to employment, income distribution and social security.

10. To study the situation of multi-ownership economy, make recommendations on the optimization of ownership composition and organizational setup of enterprises, and promote fair competition and common development among enterprises of various ownerships; to study and put forward policies and measures that promote the development of non-state-owned economy, and to coordinate major issues of the development.

11. To study and put forward development strategies for foreign capital utilization, and targets and policies concerning aggregate balance, and structural optimization; to work out the plan for utilizing the loans of international financial organizations and foreign governments, and commercial loans, to be responsible for the work of aggregate-control, structure optimization and supervision of foreign debts.

12. To draw up and formulate the plan for the reform of national economical and social development and economic system of the province; to participate in the drafting and implementation of relevant local rules and administrative regulations; to study the implementation of relevant laws, rules and important guidelines and policies, and to propose policies and suggestions.

13. To undertake other matters and tasks assigned by the provincial government.

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