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Four Treasures of Scholars

Pub Date: 10-03-11 15:15 Source: www.anhuinews.com

  Anhui has a long history of producing the "scholar's four treasures", which are the four precious articles of the writing table: the writing and drawing brush, the ink stick, the ink slab and Xuan paper. It is one of the nation's most important bases for producing "scholar's four treasures".

Xuan Writing and Drawing Brush With a history of more than 2,000 years, the Xuan writing and drawing brush was produced in Jingxian County. It was once selected as an article of tribute, and even as the imperial writing brush. The material for making Xuan writing and drawing brushes is carefully selected. The materials most frequently used are rabbit hair, goat hair, and wolf hair. These materials are processed very strictly and delicately. The brush is considered unique because of its graceful decoration, pure and hard-wearing hair, and perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility. Among the great variety of Xuan writing and drawing brushes, the rarest and best ones are the Ancient Lanugo Hair, Dream of Flowers Blooming at the Writer's Pen-tip, Fairyland, and Seedpod of the Lotus. Hui Ink Stick Hui Prefecture's Tunxi, Shexian and Jixi areas. It was first made more than 1,000 years ago by the ink stick manufacturers. Hui ink sticks contain at least one of the rudimentary components, made of pine soot from the remains of burned pine, tung oil, and black lacquer tree creosote, which is then mixed with more than 20 other ingredients. After a complicated process, the completed ink stick has a substantial and shining black appearance. After being ground, the ink stick melts into liquid ink that is ideal for calligraphy and drawing. The ink is virtually permanent, not bleached or otherwise affected by sunlight. When used, the ink flows freely from writing or drawing brushes and penetrates the paper quickly so that it can dry immediately. The ink gives off a special scent and is invulnerable to moths and decay. Xuan Paper Xuan paper is so named because it was originally made in ancient south Anhui's Xuan Prefecture, which has a history of more than 1,000 years of fabricating Xuan paper. Jingxian County is the major Xuan paper production center. Xuan paper is famous for its sheer, tenacious, spotless white, thick and fast-lasting features. This kind of paper is very flexible. It really is a durable paper that can maintain its original color forever. The "Red Star" Xuan Paper has been awarded the nation's well-known product brand. She Ink Slab She Ink Slab is one of China's four most famous ink slabs. It is so named because its raw material, the stone, comes from Shexian County's Mount Longwei (Dragon Tail). It has been more than 1,200 years since the She Ink Slab was first manufactured. The stone quality of She Ink Slabs is hard and tough. Liquid ink exudes from this kind of ink slab readily and drenches the writing brushes fully, protecting their tips. She Ink Slab is easily cleaned and stays moist even when not being used. There is a great variety of She Ink Slabs, such as the Rib Slab and the Eyebrow Ink Slab.
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