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Wuhu Export Processing Park
2009-11-04 16:33


With the approval of the State Council in 2002, Anhui Province launched its first export processing park of national significance in Wuhu Economic Technological Development Zone, the port city of Wuhu, the park is the only one of this kind in Anhui.The overall layout of the export processing park is about 2.95 square kilometers. Since April, 2003, when Customs Supervised Area of Wuhu Export Processing Park was established and administered by the Customs in a closed manner, with the combined efforts of supervision and service, including customs, commodities inspectation, banking, transportation and warehouse, it has offered a unique "one-stop" service to enterprises that are approved to be set up in the park with most favorable policy, most convenient custom passing, and simplest management. Such zones in China are exempt from tariffs and goods produced in the zones are also exempt from value-added tax. The major products include high tech electronic appliances, color TV sets, metal products. With the gradual expansion of Anhui's external exchanges and the rapid rise of Wuhu State Economic Development Zone, Wuhu Export Processing Park will play an increasingly important role due to its custom-passing advantages, management advantages, and careful services it provides.







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