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The Old Battlefield at Gaixia and the Tomb to Yuji
2009-10-29 17:14


Situated at the south foot of Mount Yinling in southeastern Lingbi County (today's Guzhen County, Bengbu City), Gaixia is a place where a sad story happened.

In 202 B.C, Liu Bang, the first Emperor of the Han Dynasty, led more than 300,000 soldiers to pursue Xiang Yu (the overlord of West Chu State) at Gaixia, where he besieged Xiang Yu. Liu Bang adopted General Zhang Liang's stratagem that he ordered his soldiers to sing the songs of the Chu State to collapse the morale of Xiang Yu's armies who had exhausted foods and ammunitions. Xiang Yu, tricked by Liu Bang, thought that Liu Bang had occupied his hometown. One night, surrounded by Liu Bang's forces and low on supplies, he was sitting in his tent with his favorite concubine Yu when he heard the sound of songs from Chu, his own homeland, coming from the besiegers. "Can it be true that Han has conquered Chu, that they have so many men of Chu with them" he asked. Overwhelmed with sadness, Xiang Yu sat late into the night drinking with the lady Yu and singing a melancholy song with his own words: My strength uprooted mountains,"My spirit overstepped the world; But the times are against me; And my horse can gallop no more. When he can gallop no more, what can I do? And what is to become of Lady Yu?"

Affected by his sad song, Lady Yu joined him and sang a song that "Han armies have occupied our lands, we are besieged by them, Your monarch has exhausted your will and spirits, what's the meaning for me to be alive." After singing over, she killed herself with a sword.In southeast Lingbi County, Lady Yu Tomb was built to commemorate her. On the gravestone there was a couplet on which "The Immortal Woman" was inscribed at the top, and "What can Lady Yu do It is a universal truth that a beautiful woman always has an unfortunate life" and "Where are you now There is only a lonely grave that faces the sunset" on both sides. The tomb and its administrative department occupy an area of nearly 4,000 square meters.





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