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Shexian County

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Shexian County lies in the southern area of Huangshan.Being surrounded by mountains and rivers,it boasts graceful scenery. From ancient times to the present, the county has been home to many historically distinguished personages, including Huang Binhong, master of traditional Chinese painting, and Tao Xingzhi, an influential educator. From there have emerged a number of prominent schools thought and schools of arts. These include the Xin'an Painting School, Xin'an School of Medical Studies, the Xin'an School of Confucian School of Idealist Philosophy, the Hui School of Woodblock Printing, and the Hui Style Architecture. They have won nationwide prestige for their uniqueness. The charm of this "Town of Culture" in fully represented by the local products, including She Inkslab, Hui stick, Chengxintang Paper, Wang Boll Writing Brush and the "The Four Carvings of Huizhou Style", namely, bamboo cut, woodcut, brick-sculpture and stone carving. The Hui-style cuisine, Hui Opera and the Hui-style bonsai exemplify the artistic taste of the Hui school of culture. Some of the most important and unusual historical sights in the country are among those to be found in Shexian. These include the stone memorial archways, ancestral halls and ancient residential houses. They are large in quantity and refined in structure. Some experts consider them to be the "three wonders of ancient architecture". At present, 570 cultural relics and historical sites of high cultural value are under protection, including the famous Xu Guo Stone Archways and Tangyue Memorial Archways.





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