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Ma'anshan Hongbin Silk Floss Paintings
2009-10-19 16:28

Hongbin silk floss paintings are of ingenious creation and high cultural taste. The natural cotton material is processed and dyed in especially high temperature, so that the screen becomes colorfully bright. The processed material resists mildew and never fades. The technique of Hongbin silk floss painting is exquisite. It has a unique language of painting. Realistic and stereoscopic images can be presented based on design. Lifelike cats and dogs are presented in a variety of poses and detail studies of fur, eyes, paws, tails and noses. Artistic expressions of landscape create a unique mood and elegant taste. The craftsmanship is becoming better and approaching perfection day by day. In addition, the artisans have developed luminous silk paintings, so as to make the craftsmanship more perfect and the products more appreciated.





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