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Cheng Mu
2009-10-16 11:39 Anhui Normal University

"I have been in Wuhu for 7 months now.I still have 2 to 3 more months left before going back home.Before leaving this place I sat down and thought of the things that has happened .

Coming to Anhui normal university was a sudden thought.Around August last year I only had 1 more semester left before graduatingand still I had no plans of what Im going to do next.This made feel unhappy.One day a good friend of mine suggested that we should come to china and study Chinese.That time my spirits were low so I thought that will be a good chance to change myself and the situation that Im in.Finally, I decided that if its Gods will I will follow my feelings.

I know that the relations between Korea and China is getting closer and there are a lot of Koreans who come to china to study Chinese,this is nothing new.Eventhough 2 years ago I came traveling to china I still dont know china much because at that moment my major was not Chinese.When I just got to Wuhu I was a little bit disappointed because what I imagined and what I saw was different.

I dont know when I started to like Wuhu.I like the kind hearted teachers,students who make me happy and Wuhu people who greet me when Im on the streets.Now Im used to everything here,its just like Im in my hometown.The surroundings make me feel very comfortable.Eventhough I have not been here for long but with the help of the loving teachers and the suitable environment I was able to achieve very satisfying results.

If somebody asks me to recommend a university for them to come and study in ,I will tell them without hesitation to come to Anhui Normal University.

In my heart Ill always remember that Wuhu is my second hometown."

The above is a short article written by Cheng Mu from Korea who studied Chinese at Anhui Normal University.





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