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Xuancheng City
2009-10-15 16:59

Xuancheng lies in the south-eastern part of Anhui Province, bordering Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It is made up of two perfectural level cities -- Xuanzhou and Ningguo, and seven counties -- Langxi, Guangde, Jingxian, Jixi, and Jingde, with urban area of 12,340 km², and population of 2.75 million. There are two big rivers -- Shuiyang and Qingyi -- and several lakes -- Nanyi, Taiping, and Qinglong. The forest coverage rate of the city is 55.2%, with Jingtingshan and Hengshan national forest parks. The unique environment makes Xuancheng a hometown of many specialties, such as Langxi -- well-known for its green tea, Guangde 每 well known for its bamboo products, and Ningguo 每 well-known for its pecan and Yuanzhu (a special kind of bamboo), Jingxian 每 well-known for bamboo paper, Jingde 每 well-known for ramie, and Jixi 每 well-known for sericulture. In Xuanzhou District, there are preserved dates, mushrooms, crab, papaya and others.

Xuancheng has convenient transportation, with Xuancheng-Hangzhou Railway and Anhui-Jiangxi Railway intersecting in its urban area. National Highway of 318 and 205 also pass the city. In order to build the "Yangtze River Delta" mechanical manufacturing base, green agricultural supply base, the labor force supply base, and the leisure garden, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government of Xuancheng, have led the city to implement the strategy of integration with Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai economic regions. The city has already formed an all-round opening-up pattern. Economic connection with foreign countries and domestic well-developed coastal regions is increasingly closer. A large number of domestic and overseas business people have invested in Xuancheng. The city has formed an industrial system mainly of electronics, automobile parts, further processing of agricultural products, textile, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, and building materials. The tendency of economic and social development is good. Feicai Group is the country's largest agricultural vehicle production base. Ningguo Conch Cement is the pacesetter in domestic cement industry.


Xuancheng is a city with 2,000 years of history and cultural relics. It has a profound cultural heritage and rich tourism resources. There are many scenery resorts, such as the country's largest captive breeding bases -- Chinese Crocodile Lake, one of the four unique scenes 每 Taiji Cavern, Peach Blossom Pool, Zhangshan Canyon, and cultural sites of the New Fourth Army, the Ancestral Hall of the Hu Family in Jixi, the Former Residence of Mr. Hushi, the Jiang*s Village in Jingde, and so on. Since reform and opening up, the city has achieved a lot of progress, and is accelerating the development of municipal services, transport, tourism and other infrastructural facilities. Xuancheng, as a new city with pleasant environments of living, enterprising, sightseeing, is on the rise.





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