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Huangshan City
2009-10-14 17:05

Huangshan city, with a history of over 2200 years, was Huizhou strict before, and called Xin'an, since the term "county" came into being in Qin Dynasty. In November, 1987, the State Council established Huangshan City including 3 districts (Tunxi, Huizhou and Huangshan Districts), 4 counties (Shexian, Yixian, Xiuning and Qimen Counties) and Huangshan Scenery Area, with a total area of 9,807 square kilometers and a population of 1.47 million.

Huangshan city boasts tourism resources endowed by nature, which are densely distributed and of extremely high taste. It is the only city owning two world heritages of our country. Besides, it has a national historical and cultural town, three national scenery destinations, a national natural reserve, two national geology parks, three national forest parks, 10 national historical relics preservation units and a national historical and cultural reserve street. The treasure Mt. Huangshan, located in the center of China, famous for its queer pines, grotesque rocks, clouds seas, hot spring and snow scenery, is the emblem and pride of Chinese nation. The Huashan Mysterious Grotto, named by Mr. Jiang Zemin, offers Mt. Huangshan solid beauty as "over the mountain there are marvelous sceneries, under it there is marvelous spectacle". The Taiping Lake and Xin'anjiang River, lying across from south to north in Huangshan city, contribute to the beauty of its scenery. The city itself is a giant park available for four seasons. The city is also rich in products and resources, i.e. Huangshan Maofeng, Taiping Houkui, Qimen Black Tea, Tunxi Green Tea, Huangshan Tribute Jasmine, Huizhou ink sticks, Shexian ink stones and other traditional special products, which are famous both domestically and abroad. Huangshan is also one of the major producing areas for woods and bamboos, silk, fruits, food yeasts and traditional Chinese medicine herds in Anhui province, and its storages of fluorite, serpentine, China clay, alta-mud make up over 70% of the whole province. It is also rich in fresh water resource, and each native person owns water 2.5 times as much as the average amount of the country. Waterpower exploitation leaves much to be done.

Huangshan city is programmed by Anhui province as one of the five "regional center-cities", and its nature is a international tourism city, a natural and cultural heritage resources gathering place and a center city of Southern Wan. Quite a few municipal public service and tourism facilities, including the Century Square, the Riverside Garden, stadium, Huangshan college (new section), Carting Court, Annular Screen Cinema, Golf Court (18 holes), Golf Inn, and the like projects were completed one after another, and Huangshan city's taste improves rapidly, and its image is growing more and more vivid. It has sufficient water and electricity supplies, with a transformer substation of 220KV and 10 transformer substations of 110KV. A second substation of 220KV and a second wire back line are being constructed; the No.1 and No.2 running water factories supply 110 thousand cubic meters everyday. Communications are developed, and a most advanced digital broadband communication network has been completed. The fixed telephones, mobile phones and wireless telephones respectively reach 370, 380 and 40 thousand.Municipal wastewater processing plant and rubbish processing plant are being constructed. Huangshan Tourism and Resort Area (Jiangnan New City), Huangshan University garden and Huangshan New Industry Belt projects are starting. A 72-hole golf court and 5-star standard hotels are to be built.




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