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Anhui Four Treasures in the Study-Xuan Paper
2009-10-09 17:53



This is a video that introduces China's famous paper, Xuan paper,which is made in Xuancheng, Anhui.


Xuan Paper is a pure, typically white and moth resistant Chinese handmade paper. Xuan paper is manufactured by Cao family of Jing County, Anhui Province, whose ancestor was one of the earliest papermaker and major producer in feudal China.

Xuan paper is applauded and considered to be the best. Jing County paper was first shipped to Xuanzhou, then transshipped to other ports. That is why Jing County paper is called Xuan paper. The calligraphy can be kept thousands of years without changing the quality of the art.

The paper are made up of chosen raw material wash and starch by the natural spring water and exposed out of door day and night to make it white naturally. The special features of the paper is good strength, soft, fine textured, resistant to folds and moths and is white as jade. There are numerous kinds of Xuan paper, such as dan, jia, luowen, coral, tiger-skin and jade-plate. The quality of handmade xuan paper depends on whether the paper is unprocessed, processed or half processed.

Unprocessed Paper - Unprocessed paper absorbs water easily. Ink filters through this paper easily.

Processed Paper- Processed paper goes through a process whereby gelatine made from bones and alum are added. This kind of paper does not absorb water easily. It is stiff or hard to the touch.

Half-Processed Paper- Half-processed paper has a neutral character, in that it absorbs water, but it does not filter through easily.


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