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Gujing Liquor
2009-09-22 09:19 ¡¡ ¡¡

As one of the Chinese most important core companies in liquor industry, Anhui Gujing Group Co., Ltd. is the parent company of the first listed company ¡° Anhui Gujing Distillery Co., Ltd.¡± in China and situated in Bozhou City, Anhui Province, which is the hometown of Caocao and Huatuo, as well as the countryside of medicinal materials. The predecessor of Anhui Gujing Group Co., Ltd. was ¡°Bozhou Gujing Distillery Company¡±, which was founded in 1959 and known all of the world. In order to adapt to the situation of diversified development in the new era, the factory was officially renamed as Anhui Gujing Group Co., Ltd. in 1992. Since founded, after rapid developments of several years, Gujing Group has been a large trans-industrial and trans- regional company, which not only has more than 10,000 employees and many direct investing or holding companies, but also involves liquor¡¢hotel¡¢commerce¡¢tourism¡¢real estate¡¢kindred finance¡¢pharmacy and so on. Gujing Group has ranked the first in Anhui province in the field of liquor, hotel, luxury retailing relying on its loyalty of brand, general competitiveness and dimensions of assets .The company develops well in real estate and finance industry too.

Distillery industry is the main work of Gujing Group. The backbone, Anhui Gujing Distillery Company Limited, is a well-known factory on liquor industry throughout the country. It is one of the most important enterprises in light industry, and the first public distillery company in China. It has always been ranked front in achievement of management in liquor industry, and for many times in succession, it entered into the rank of the 500 largest industrial enterprises and it ranked 10 in 100 mighty Chinese distilleries and it was one of the excellent companies in economic benefit since 1989. Its leading product, Gujing Gong Liquor has a long history of over 1800 years as one of the Chinese eight prestige liquors all the time. Gujing Gong Liquor has gained some honor such as ¡°China famous trademark¡±, ¡°China protected product of confirmed origin¡±, ¡°best-selling goods in the project of three-green¡±. It won the nationwide liquor show gold prize four times running ¡¢ Light Industry Ministry¡¯s liquor quality megagame gold prize and export product gold prize, for its special touch of ¡°Clearness like a crystal, Aroma like an orchid, Tasting sweet and refreshing plus pure and mild, and Long lasting aftertaste.¡± Also, it was the only Chinese prestige liquor that won the 13th Paris International Food Exhibition gold prize and known as ¡°Peony of Liquors¡±. In Sep. 2005, it got the certificate of pure grain solid state fermentation which symbolize the gold medal of Chinese high-level liquors from China National Food Industry Association (CNFIA). This indicated that the national authority department fully affirmed and praised traditional technics¡¢ vintage culture and noble quality of Gujing Gong Distilling. In Jul. 2006, Gujing Gong Distilling was certificated of excellent grade of China Liquor Product Rank High authentication by country again. This authentication not only proved to clients that Gujing Gong Distilling was excellent in the market, but also swelled ulteriorly the buying confidence of clients.

Series of Gujing liquor has formed a complete product system of two aromas (rich fragrance, mixed fragrance), two brands (brand Gujing Gong, brand Gujing), extended alcohol content (from 30 degrees to 60 degrees), and three major levels (high-level, medium-level, low-level). And the series of brand Gujing and brand Gujing Gong are leading products that are the nominated products of Customer Association.

The hotel industry is successful model in the advancing process of Gujing Group. Anhui Gujing Hotels Group Co., Ltd, the entity of hotel industry, has developed into a large complex unity that is mainly concerned with hotel industry, shopping and tourism. It is one of the largest 20 companies in the field of tourism and hotel in China. Its main subsidiary company, Holiday Inn Hefei, is the first 5-star hotel in Anhui Province, meanwhile it is the first hotel that introduced oversea hotel management group at that time, now it is managed by Intercontinental Hotel Group, the most famous global hotel management group. Since officially opening in 1997, Holiday Inn Hefei has taken the leading role in the hotel field in Hefei city. Holiday In Shanghai is a 4-star hotel that was established by Gujing Group in 2003, just in that year, Holiday Inn Shanghai was awarded as the Model Hotel of Holiday Inn Brand within Asia Pacific region. In 2004¡¢ 2005 and 2006, the annual average occupancy of Holiday Inn ranked the first among all 4-star and 5-star hotels at Shanghai three yeas running. In 2005, Holiday Inn Shanghai is the only one that¡¯s awarded as the Model of Holiday Inn Brand. Anhui Gujing Hotel Management Co., Ltd is extending from Anhui Province to other provinces. Now it manages near 20 hotels from Anhui, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Jiangxi. In 2004, Gujing Hotels Group makes its steps to market of economic hotels, and it endeavored to build up its own brand ¡±Cityhome¡± hotel in economic hotel market. Anhui Vista Commercial Co., Ltd, including Vista Luxury Center and Vista International Plaza, has become into a top-ranking shopping place. CYTS Anhui Co., Ltd bases on Anhui traveling market, covers domestic & oversea travelling, air ticket sale, and management of scenery zones. In 2002 CYTS is the first oversea tourism company in Anhui, verified by China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), and it got the right of managing the beauty spot ¡°Taiji Cave Scenery Zone¡± for 30 years in 2004. The number of domestic and oversea tourists serviced by the company ranked front among Travel Services in Anhui.

Real estate industry is one trailblazer and contributor in transform and advancement of Gujing Group. Anhui Gujing Real Estate Group Co., Ltd is one of the four state-first-grade real estate enterprises in Anhui province. It is mainly concerned with real estate development, and covers construction & installation, real estate management, investment. Now it has formed strategic layout of basing on Bozhou city, emphasizing in Hefei city. With the managing opinion of ¡°creating new living¡±, it built some classical buildings such us ¡°Danhua Village¡± ¡°Holiday Inn Hotel Hefei¡± ¡°Fengshuiyard Bozhou¡± ¡°Baihua Mansion¡± and other infrastructures.

Kindred finance industry is a new field in Gujing Group. To meet the demand of development, Gujing Group established some companies such as¡°Bozhoushi Enterprises Credibility Security Co., Ltd.¡± ¡°Bozhou Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd.¡±¡°Anhui Honoring Pawn Co., Ltd.¡± ¡° Anhui Commerce Union Guaranty & Investment Co., Ltd.¡± in the field of investment relying on government policy. The company ¡°Oriental Vista Development & Investment Co., Ltd., the stocker-holder and manager of the above finance companies, created good conditions for uniting industry capital and finance capital and promoting the development of entity.

Anhui Gujing Group Jiufang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. established by Anhui Gujing Group Co., Ltd., relying on the geographical dominance-the medicinal capital Bozhou. This company has got the GMP certification. Now it has four product lines including capsules, tablets, granules, oral solution and so on, and also has more than 20 kinds of Chinese traditional medicine. Its product Getong Tongluo capsule has gained certificate of state- two-grade new medicines and document of production ratification, which is on the behalf of the highest level in nation.

Facing the tide wave of economic development in China, Gujing Group takes the stratagem of ¡°advancing roundly to expand Gujing¡±to develop itself. While trying its best to make its main work -distillery become larger and stronger, Gujing Group is looking for new point of economic growth, adjusting estate construction, and developing the centuries-old store hardly for achieving foundation developed all the time.



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