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People fight heavy snow in Anhui
2008-01-28 17:02   anhuinews.com   By Zhang Yanlin

People in most parts of Anhui Province have been battling transport havoc caused by heavy snowfall, as forecasters issued a red alert - the highest on a scale of five - warning of more snow and sleet in the coming days.

The heavy snow was the worst in 50 years in Anhui province. It paralyzed air, road and highway traffic and stranded tens of thousands of passengers amid a pre-holiday travel peak.






1月26日,几名合肥市民在大雪中行走。当日,安徽江淮流域再次遭受大雪袭击,持续十多天的罕见大雪和冰冻天气仍在继续。 新华社记者陶明摄

1月26日,合肥街头的车辆缓慢行驶。当日,合肥出现罕见暴雪,给市民出行带来较大影响。合肥市气象台发布了道路结冰黄色预警和暴雪橙色预警。 新华社发(马启兵 摄)

1月26日拍摄的滁州琅琊山深秀湖雪景。当日,安徽滁州市普降大到暴雪,境内多条国道、省道封闭,部分客运站临时停运。虽然强降雪给道路交通造成了重大影响,却给人们带来了冬天的乐趣。 新华社发(王家国 摄)










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