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Li Man Shoots New TV Series
2007-04-06 16:04 CRIENGLISH.com

Li Man, the actress has become famous by starring in the film "Curse of the Golden Flower". [Photo: ent.sina.com.cn]

Li Man, known to audiences as the new successor of lead actress in Zhang Yimou's movies, is currently busy shooting a new TV series called "Reverie Heaven."

The TV series is set during the period of the Republic of China between 1912-1949 and is based on the dramatic work by renowned popular Chinese novelist Zhang Henshui.

In the TV drama, Li Man takes the lead role as a young woman from a wealthy family who desperately pursues a young man born to poor family. The character played by Li Man does many strange and absurd things in this drama.

The actress has become famous overnight by starring in the film "Curse of the Golden Flower," directed by China's foremost "Fifth Generation" director Zhang Yimou.

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