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Anhui BBCA Group
2006-07-19 17:17 Anhuinews Anthony

BBCA Group is large-scale biochemistry manufacturer. Its development direction focus on Bio-energy, biomaterial and biological pharmacy,with a staff of 19,200, it consists essentially of seven major production enterprises plus a The National Engineering Research Center of Fermentation Technology. The seven major production enterprises are: BBCA Biochemical(000930.SZ), BBCA Pharmaceutical(000153.SZ), BBCA Food, Suzhou Biochemical (Bio-Ethylene), Jiangshan Pharmaceutical (VC)BBCA edible oil and BBCA Gelatin. In 2005, BBCA Group realized total sales revenue of RMB6.5 billion. All the products from BBCA have been provided to international famous food , pharmacy , beverage , scour ,precise chemical industry and cosmetic enterprises for a long time.

BBCA Biochemical is the core of BBCA Group.BBCA mainly capitalize on biological technology to deeply process agricultural products containing starchiness such as corn and cassava, to produce bio-energy and biochemical products with agricultural product containing cellulose such as straw and agricultural and forestry waste. This will alleviate shortage of petroleum resources, promote agriculture development and ameliorate atmosphere. BBCA will become a biology manufacturing enterprise model with its own proprietary and innovation technological system.

BBCA Pharmaceutical has 38 production lines which are up to GMP standard, and in possession of two new medicines of Class One, more than 70 new medicines of Class Two and Three. And the total kinds of western medicine and Chinese traditional medicines are around 360.

BBCA Food's products includes biscuits, confectionary, coarse fiber puffed foods, natural vegetable protein and cereal breakfast, jelly, lemonade and so on. At present, BBCA food has 30,000mt/year chocolate producing capacities, has 5,000mt/year cereal breakfast producing capacities, and has 30,000mt/year concentrated pear juice capacities.

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