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Hefei Meiling Group
2006-07-18 15:09 ¡¡ Anhuinews ¡¡ Anthony

Brief Introduction of Meiling Group

Hefei Meiling Group is an integrative large-scale enterprise in the core of manufacturing with diversification business including white electronic home appliances, generalization of healthy home appliance, R&D of new material, processing and import&export of appliance components, trading, hotel and etc. Meiling has been on the 500-largest-Chinese-enterprise list for 8 consecutive years and on the 500 most profitable enterprise lists for 9 consecutive years, with annual manufacturing capacity of 3.5 million refrigerators and 500 thousand freezers, 1.2 million washing machines, 350 thousand solar water heaters, more than 500 kitchen & toilet appliances, small electronic home appliances and main fittings products.

In the 21st century, Meiling people have innovated the thoughts and reformed decidedly, introducing into private capital & foreign investment actively and developing conventional mixed sector of the economy. By combining the management mode of private capital & foreign investment and conventional state-owned structure, innovating vigorously on the brand management, system reformation, market development and etc., Meiling has established new enterprise management mechanism with clearly defining property rights and standard management, accelerated the developing process to be the internationalized enterprise.

In the trend of economic globalization, Meiling Group will keep on sustaining markets as the guidance, adjusting the industrial structure, taking the way of diversified brand management, focusing on the actual effect of management, improving enterprise¡¯s general competitive advantage constantly and making great efforts to develop Meiling to be the global name-branded enterprise.

The Value of Meiling Brand

As the Chinese well-known brand, Meiling has successively obtained more than 500 domestic honors. So far, ¡°Meiling¡± brand is ranked as one of the most valuable brands in China with the brand value 6 billion CNY.

In the 21st century, influenced by the growing trend of the economic globalization, Meiling-branded products are expanding from the simplex refrigerator to four major series of white home appliance, material industry, healthy household appliance together with its components industry, and the brand intension is extending vertically deepened and diversified.

Company¡¯s Honors

Meiling people are always low-pitched in the face of honor, for they are always looking forward. However, honor witnesses history and monument is engraved with hardships; honor represents people¡¯s affirmation to Meiling people¡¯s achievements; the honor also testified people's non exhausted enterprising spirit, dedication, creative spirit, which is Meiling people¡¯s power source to keep on creating resplendence as well.

The Mei Ling industry garden

The Mei Ling industry garden, is located at the new eastern town of Hefei development zone. Its issue of project occupies a land area of 600 Chinese acres and is one of Hefei construction with proper priority Projects. The Mei Ling group coordinates the Hefei 100 billion Yuan development plans.To satisfy the group attract bid for investments and the location demand of the new construction project, Making the brand-new electrical appliances kingdom. And establish a body production base with the collection white electrical appliances, the healthy electrical appliances, the necessary service and so on.

The first batch projects enrollment in the garden mainly have the Mei Ling - England Kate electrical appliances (Hefei) the limited company; Hefei Mei Ling Aoka electric appliance limited company; Hefei MeiLing solar energy science and technology limited company; Anhui China star metal structure project limited company; Hefei Mei Ling non-ferrous metal product limited company; Hefei Mei Ling small household electrical appliances limited company; Hefei Mei Ling precision tube industry limited liability company. The 7 companies products will cover central and the upscale washer, the solar-powered water heater, the small household electrical appliances, the steel construction, the copper pipe, Bangdi tube and so on. They are strength for new life which the Mei Ling group develops. what¡¯s more, they are main products which the group starts an undertaking again . After completion, they will bring nearly 1.5 billion Yuan sales income every year for the group.

The Mei Ling industry garden issue of project has been completed completely. All enrollment projects in the garden start doing business in November 8, 2004. Next, the Mei Ling group will take the new industry garden as the industrial cultivation base , to advance property right system reform, increase theattract bid for investments dynamics, realize garden area of 1,500 Chinese acres , the garden area economical scale achieves 3 billion Yuan levels. We will establish truly great and strong new Mei Ling.

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