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Anhui TRUCHUM Investment Group
2006-07-07 12:34 ¡¡ ¡¡

Anhui TRUCHUM Investment Group was founded in November, 1999 with its industry headquarter in Wuhu Anhui Province and its investment headquarter in Pudong Shanghai. The group has gross investment of RMB700 million and more than 3,700 employees. The sales income has reached RMB2.5 billion. The group is composed of 5 divisions including Shanghai TRUCHUM Corporation Development Co., Ltd., Anhui Jingcheng Copper Co., Ltd., Qingyuan Jingcheng Copper Co., Ltd., Wuhu Shuangyuan Tube Co.,Ltd., Wuhu TRUCHUM Alloy Copper Material Co. Ltd., Wuhu TRUCHUM Trade and Economy Development Co., Ltd., and so on. At present TRUCHUM has been a professional and outward oriented civilian enterprise group of which the capital operation is the metal processing of copper and steel. The main production include copper plate and strip, copper wire, cold rolled steel strip and stainless welded tube, which are frequently used in industries of electronics, electric appliances, hardware, upholstery, machinery, warming, refrigeration, electric power, petroleum and chemistry. The group can provide the copper plate and strip of 70,000 tons, copper alloy wire of 15,000 tons, stainless welded steel tube of 30,000 tons and cold-rolled steel sheet of 150,000 tons every year. It¡¯s one of the largest bases of copper plate, strip and wire in CHINA.

Depending on the copper and steel processing, the group is always concentrating on professional management and multiple investment and aiming for providing advanced products to explore the home and international markets synchronously. Group has been a member of the 500 mighty civilian enterprises in China and of the 10 top civilian enterprise in Anhui Province. So far it has been titled ¡°Anhui Excellent Civilian Corporation¡±, ¡°Anhui Excellent Corporation Advanced in Labor and Employment Security¡±, ¡°Wuhu Excellent Corporation Advanced in Personnel Training¡± and ¡°Wuhu the Honest Enterprise of Level A in Paying Taxes¡±.

We stick to the concept of ¡°keeping improving and being honest, concrete, creative and human oriented¡± and regard the talents as the first resources. So we confirm that our staffing rule is ¡°attracting people by project, gathering people together by object and activating people by regulation.¡± With the expansion of the group and its business, we will introduce a great many talents who have received higher education to lay the foundation for the further development of the group.

The group regards establishing a metal processing foundation of the Chinese characteristic as its own responsibility, thus we have determined to be the No. 1 in metal-processing industry with revenue over RMB 10 billion by the end of the eleventh Five-Year' Plans.

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