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Maanshan Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd.
2006-07-07 11:52 ¡¡ ¡¡

Masteel is one of the largest iron and steel complex in China and the biggest industrial enterprise in Anhui province. Located along Yangtze river, it has a superior geographical position with a convenient transportation and quick access. It gained the fame of ¡°a flower of Jiangnan (south part of Yangtze)¡±. At present it has in-service staff of 70 thousands and retirees of 33 thousands. In 1993, Masteel successfully undertook the shareholding reform as one of the first nine standardized pilot enterprises. After successful reform, it regrouped and divided into Magang Holding Company and Maanshan Iron & Steel company Ltd. Maanshan Iron & Steel company Ltd. has been listed on stock exchange markets in both Hongkong and Shanghai. In 1998, Magang Holding Company changed its name into Magang (Group) Holding Company Limited. After 50 years' hard work, self-accumulation and chained development, Masteel has formed a scale of 8 million ton turnout, and has a total assets of 30 billion RMB. With world leading hot rolling and cold rolling thin strip production lines, high speed wire production line, the most advanced hot rolling big H-beam production line and the biggest wheel & tyre production line in Asia, it has formed unique product structure of plate, section, wire and wheel. 80% of its steel products are produced according to international standards and 38 kinds of products got the title of state or provincial quality product. All the main production lines have passed the ISO9001 quality certification, among which the train wheels have achieved AAR approval and exported to 48 countries and regions.

In recent years , Masteel has persisted in the development strategy of creating an internationally competitive modern complex. Both the operation quality and profit of the enterprise have been improved and increased year after year. The group makes a great effort in interior management and exterior marketing. By the year of 2003 the group had reached an annual production capacity of 5.445 million tons of pig iron, 6.059 million tons of crude steel and 5.563 million tons of steel products. The group had annual turnover of 16.7 billion RMB and annual after tax profit of 2.79 billion RMB and ranked the second place in china steel industry. Masteel has been awarded successively ¡°States May 1 labor prize, national advanced unit for complying with the contract and credit, national advanced unit on politic and thoughts work of the metallurgical enterprise, top ten unit of Anhui province for operating the enterprise together with each staff with heart and soul¡±.

Totally 15 billion RMB has been invested for the modification of the structure of iron & steel-making main business. As the basic component,cold and hot rolling thin strip projects have been accomplished on April 18, 2004. The incorporated technical revamping project for the rest time of Tenth Five-Year Plan Period has been launched with accelerating speed. At the end of the Tenth Five-Year Plan Period, Masteel is going to have 10 million ton of steel production capacity. Based on it, Masteel will go on readjusting the structure of iron & steel main business. We sincerely welcome enterprises from both domestic and overseas to invest in Masteel and found joint ventures. We will try our best to provide the best service and most convenient conditions, we are looking forward to cooperate sincerely with friends from domestic and overseas and create a bright future.

Brief History of Development

In Feb. of 1953, Maanshan Iron Mining Plant was established and Masteel recovered its production completely.

On Aug.11, 1958, Maanshan Iron & Steel Company was founded.

On Sept.20, 1958 and on Oct.29, 1959, Chairman Mao inspected Masteel.

On July 29, 1965,the first monolithic train wheel with diameter 840mm was produced in Masteel, which ended the long history of relying on imported train wheel & tyre.

On Nov.5 of 1965, Masteel promoted the civilized operation activity with the content of three cleanness, no leakage in five aspects, one standardized line and Masteel was honored as ¡°a flower of Jiangnan (south part of Yangtze)¡± in China Metallurgical industry.

In 1986, nine medium-sized blast furnaces were evaluated as the national super-grade blast furnaces at the national metallurgical work convention.

On May 28, 1987, High-Speed Wire Rod Plant was founded and came into production with annual capacity of 0.4 million tons, which was the first high-speed wire and rod mill of world advanced level in China . The rolling speed was 111m/s.

On Jun.12, 1991, premier Li Peng inspected Masteel.

On Nov.11, 1991, General Secretary Jiang Zemin inspected Masteel.

On July 30, 1992, Masteel was ratified as national super-large enterprise.

On Dec.1, 1992, the No.2 Steel Making Plant of Masteel realized complete casting, rated the second place among the ten complete casting workshop constructed during the Eighth Five-Year Plan period.

On Sept.2, 1993, Masteel successfully undertook the shareholding reform as one of first nine standardized pilot enterprises and raised 6.4 billion RMB, which offered abundant fund for its development. Masteel regrouped and divided into Magang Holding Company and Maanshan Iron & Steel Company Ltd.

On April 26, 1994, a 2500 cubic meter blast furnace was built and came into production.

On May 13, 1994, National Foreign Trade and Economic Committee ratified Masteel as a Sino-foreign limited liability company.

On Aug.17, 1994, a new processing line of train wheel and tyre with investment of 0.16 billion RMB came into production.

On June 18, 1997, Masteel¡¯s train wheel and high speed wire rod got the certificate of ISO9002 quality system.

On July 4, 1998, Masteel rolled the first H-Beam in China, and China¡¯s first H-Beam line with annual output of 0.6 million was established in Masteel.

On Sept.20, 1998, Masteel successfully regrouped. Magang Holding Company was changed into Magang (Group) Holding Company Ltd.

On Dec.18, 2001, Masteel hot rolling thin strip line began its construction, which is the key project of structure readjustment to iron & steel main business during the national Tenth Five-Year Plan period. Masteel began to march towards the target of becoming the super-large enterprise group with ten million tons production capacity.

On the August, 2002, Masteel cold rolling thin strip project started.

On March 18, 2003, high speed wire production line in No.2 Steel Making Plant came into production smoothly.

On Oct.16, 2003, No.2 2500 cubic meter blast furnace finished commissioning and came into production. It symbolized Masteel¡¯s annual capacity of pig iron leaped to new stage of 8 million tons.

On Oct.18, 2003, First hot rolled coil was successfully rolled with the hot rolling thin strip production line, which ended the history of no hot rolling coil production in Anhui Province.

On Feb.28, 2004, First cold rolled coil was successfully rolled with the cold rolling thin strip production line. Cold rolling thin strip line was put into production smoothly.

On March 20, 2004, First hot-dip galvanized coil was successfully rolled with the hot-dip galvanizing coil production line. .

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