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Wuhu City
2006-07-05 15:37 ¡¡ ¡¡

General Introduction


Wuhu city (Longitude : 119.21 E/ Latitude : 31.20 N ) is located in the south of Anhui province and on south of lower reach of Yangtze River. It has abundant production, convenient traffic and vantage geographic location. On April 24th 1949, Wuhu was liberated and on May 10th of the same year, Wuhu city come into existence. With the total area of 3317km2 and downtown area of 230 km2, Wuhu city is part of Anhui province, administering three counties( Wuhu, Fanchang and Nanling) and four districts(Jinghu, XinWu, Matang and Jiujiang). The total population is 2.15 million and downtown population is 0.7 million. Since China¡¯s open-up, Wuhu, as a near Changjang city with privilege of opening policy of coast areas, has been highly opened up and strong all-round economic strength. In recent years, Wuhu was assigned by State Department and other national department to be pilot city of National Capital Structure Optimizing, National Technology Innovation Area, New-style of Development, and informationalization of manufacturing industry. Besides, Wuhu was appointed by World Bank as experimental city of supporting China state-owned enterprises¡¯ tech-reform. It received ¡°Chinese Resident Environment---zoology protection and city virescence construct example prize¡±, too.

Geographic Location

Wuhu is located in north-west of Yangtze River triangle, in south-east of Anhui province and in the center of east China. Wuhu governs three counties ( Wuhu, Fanchang and Nanling) and four districts ( Xinwu, Jinghu, Matang and Qiujiang). The total area of Wuhu is 3317km2 and downtown area is 230 km2. Population of Whole city is 2,202,600 and that of downtown is 658,800.

Wuhu is a pivotal city of comprehensive communication in east China. Wuhu port is listed fifth among the deepwater ports in Yangtze River basin and it ocean liners lead to abroad. Lukou International Airport in Nanjing and Luogang Airport of Hefei are all about one hour¡¯s drive from Wuhu. In east China, Wuhu is the hinge and center of railway and road. As the largest railway-road bridge and with most advanced technology in east China, Wuhu Yangtze Bridge blazes the second way of east China railway. The highways surrounding Wuhu leads to harbors of Shanghai , Ningbo, Lianyungang, etc. Highly developed communication network makes the four-hour economy and life circle in the rough and this circle contains a tremendous market of 2.5 billion people.

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