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New energy vehicles take the spotlight at the 2022 World Manufacturing Convention in E China's Anhui
New energy vehicles take the spotlight at the 2022 World Manufacturing Convention in Hefei, east China's Anhui Province, which ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-09-26 09:06
Low-carbon transition creates opportunities for Sino-German NEV cooperation
The global carbon reduction ambition and the transformation of the automobile industry have created tremendous opportunities fo...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-09-26 09:06
“Matchmaking Meeting For Hundred Overseas Chinese Enterprises” opens in Hefei
On Sep 20, the “Matchmaking Meeting For Hundred Overseas Chinese Enterprises”was held in Hefei, themed “Starting a Business ... Pub Date:22-09-23 17:27
Star exhibits displayed in 2022 WMC
Many high-tech exhibits are shown at the 2022 WMC, let's take a look!
Source:anhuinews, Pub Date:22-09-23 16:52
NEV makers to ramp up expansion in Anhui
​Some major new energy vehicle makers vowed to ramp up innovation and production in Anhui province during the 2022 World Manuf...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:22-09-23 09:07
Huizhou Merchants Forum kicks off in Hefei
The Huizhou Merchants Forum of 2022 World Manufacturing Convention opened in Hefei on Monday. Pub Date:22-09-23 09:07
2022 WMC: The NEVs industry enters a take-off period
On Sept 21, 2022, the 2022 World Manufacturing Convention· Sino-German Forum on Development of New Energy Vehicle Industry was... Pub Date:22-09-23 09:12
Anhui, manufacturing for a better world
2022 World Manufacturing Convention kicks off in Hefei. Pub Date:22-09-22 17:18
Ancient and modern manufacturing on display in China
The world of ancient and modern manufacturing is showcased at the World Manufacturing Convention in Hefei, East China's Anhui p...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:22-09-23 11:27
Chinese NEVs see expanding global market, drive towards greener future
As quality of Chinese new energy vehicles continues to improve, their global market share has been enlarged. How do Chinese NEV...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-09-23 09:07
Israeli technology helps agricultural production in China's Anhui
East China's Anhui is a major agricultural province, while Israel, relying on its advanced technology, is leading the world in ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-09-23 09:28
Convention in east China spotlights advanced manufacturing
The 2022 World Manufacturing Convention opened Tuesday in east China, highlighting the latest products, technologies and applic...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-09-21 08:55
Chinese manufacturing contributes to stabilization of global supply chain
The convention opened on Tuesday in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province in east China. It highlights the latest products, tech...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-09-22 09:03
Anhui manufacturing prowess bolstered with annual convention
East China's Anhui province will welcome some 800 participants from around the world during the four-day 2022 World Manufacturi...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:22-09-20 09:16
2022 World Manufacturing Convention highlights preview
What dazzling equipment and remarkable technologies are in the exhibition hall of this year's WMC? On the afternoon of Septembe..., Pub Date:22-09-19 16:41
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