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Jingxian Wooden Pot

Pub Date:2022-08-22 15:07 Source:cnanhui.org



Jingxian wooden pot originated from Xuancheng, Anhui Province, it was included in the six batch of Anhui provincial intangible cultural heritage representative project list in 2022. Jingxian wooden pot is a high-grade wooden pot product created by folk artisan Gui Xue. A successful wooden pot product needs to go through material selection, blank-making, dehydration, wood preservation, hollowing out, chiseling handle, trimming, polishing, waxing and other hand-made processes.



The wooden pots are mainly made of rare and precious wood materials, such as unique Chinese yew in the mountainous area of the Southern Anhui, precious Red sandalwood in the Southeast Asia, Scented rosewood and Siam rosewood. Because each pot is no more than 7 cm high and 5.5 cm wide, it is called the “pocket wooden pot”. Its new, strange, special, clever, light artistic styles meet the demands of culture and art market in the new era. The wooden pot has the artistic functions of playing, appreciation, gifting and collection value.



1.the craftsmanship of Jingxian wooden pot

2.Xuancheng of Anhui Province

3.the sixth batch of Anhui provincial intangible cultural heritage representative project list

4.Jingxian wooden pot

5.high-grade wooden pot product

6.Gui Xue

7.“pocket wooden pot”

8.material selection



11.wood preservation

12.hollowing out

13.chiseling handle




17.Chinese yew

18.Red sandalwood

19.Scented rosewood

20.Siam rosewood

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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