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Wu’s Ship Model

Pub Date:2022-08-22 15:07 Source:cnanhui.org

A ship model is a scale model made strictly according to the shape, structure, color, and even interior parts of a real ship. The craft of making ancient ship models has a long history and unique artistic value. It is said that since the history of shipping ships, there has the production of wooden ship models. The historical materials that can be verified by writing and the unearthed relics of ancient ships provide detailed and credible basis for the production of ship models.


Wu Pei, the successor of Wu's ship model, is a master of arts and crafts in Anhui Province, specializing in handmade ship model. His "Wu's ship model making skills" was successfully selected as the provincial intangible cultural heritage project in Anhui Province. Wu Pei has been obsessed with making model ships for 20 years. And there is an exhibition hall with varieties of ship models in Sanxiaokou.


Master Wu’s representative works are Zheng He’s treasure ship, Bianhe passenger ship in the Song Dynasty, passenger ship in the Qing Dynasty, ancient Roma merchant fleet, and Spanish galleons. For Wu’s ship models, each ship carries a history, reflecting the cultural, economic, military development and even the political situation of the time.




The manufacturing of ship model is a careful and patient work, and it takes months or years to finish one ship model. One ship model should go through ship structure graphing, blanking, wood drying, playing tenon, assembling, polishing and antiquing, and other dozens of procedures.In order to cater the current market, Wu Pei create delicate small sailboat for youngsters. Sailboat itself has the meaning of plain sailing, so these new creative products are the best gifts.


1.Wu’s ship model

2.Wu Pei

3.provincial arts and crafts master

4.provincial intangible cultural heritage project

5.king of ship model

6.scale model

7.Zheng He’s treasure ship

8.passenger ship in Qing Dynasty

9.Bianhe passenger ship in Song Dynasty 

10.Spanish galleons

11.ancient Rome merchant fleet

12.Japan’s sailboat

13.ship structure graphing


15.wood drying

16.playing tenon


18.polishing and antiquing 

19.small sailboat

20.plain sailing

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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