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Luzhou Interior Painting

Pub Date:2022-08-22 15:07 Source:cnanhui.org

Luzhou interior painting, also known as interior painting of snuff bottle, has local characteristics of Luzhou. Snuff bottles, referring to the containers for snuff, were introduced into China in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties. During the Qianlong years of Ming Dynasty, the art of snuff bottles reached its peak and became something to show identity/a symbol of status. In modern times, the habit of using snuff bottles has almost disappeared, and it has been handed down as a fine work of art. The interior painting originated from snuff bottles, refers to the process of drawing inside containers made of glass, crystal, amber and other materials with a special interior drawing brush.




Luzhou interior painting is made of crystal, agate, jade and other basic materials, polished and decorated through more than ten processes, and based on unique traditional folk handicraft techniques, it has become a unique traditional arts and crafts in Jianghuai region through carving, painting and decoration.



In May 2022, Luzhou interior painting was selected into the sixth batch of representative projects of Anhui Provincial intangible cultural heritage. On the basis of inheriting the traditional interior painting art, the fifth generation inheritor Jiang Hongliang combined the regional and humanistic factors of Luzhou and the traditional cultural connotation of Xin 'an School and Hui School, and formed the interior painting art of Luzhou with unique local characteristics through 40 years of art practice. At present, the inheritors of Luzhou interior painting are mainly Jiang Hongliang and his disciple Shen Hongmei.


1.Luzhou interior painting

2.interior painting of snuff bottle

3.snuff bottle

4.special interior drawing pen

5.crystal, agate and jade



8.traditional folk handicrafts




12.the sixth batch of representative projects of Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage

13.Jiang Hongliang

14.Xin'an painting

15.traditional cultural connotation of Hui school

16.Shen Hongmei

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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