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Hua Tuo Wuqinxi
Hua Tuo Wuqinxi, one of the national intangible cultural heritages, originated from Bozhou, Anhui Province. Cao Wenhuan is the ... Pub Date:22-08-22 16:24
Jingxian Wooden Pot
Jingxian wooden pot originated from Xuancheng, Anhui Province, it was included in the six batch of Anhui provincial intangible ... Pub Date:22-08-22 15:07
Wu’s Ship Model
Wu Pei, the successor of Wu's ship model, is a master of arts and crafts in Anhui Province, specializing in handmade ship model... Pub Date:22-08-22 15:07
Wushan Iron Characters
Wushan Tiezi started in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, and were originated in Wushan Town, Hefei. Pub Date:22-08-22 15:07
Luzhou Interior Painting
Luzhou interior painting, also known as interior painting of snuff bottle, has local characteristics of Luzhou. Snuff bottles, ... Pub Date:22-08-22 15:07
Hongbin Silk Painting
Hongbin Silk Painting is inspired by folk collage and created by an artist called Yuan Hongbin coming from Ma’anshan, Anhui Pr... Pub Date:22-08-22 10:18
Luzhou Eggshell Carving
Luzhou eggshell carving is a folk art of carving delicate patterns on eggshells. Pub Date:22-08-22 10:24
Huobi Painting
With soldering iron as pen, and burning wood as painting, Huobi painting is originally called the pyrography, and it has passed... Pub Date:22-08-22 10:32
Luzhou Wood Carving
Luzhou Wood Carving was mainly initiated in Baohe District of Hefei. It is a unique folk art integrating Dongyang wood carving ... Pub Date:22-08-22 10:42
Fuyang Paper Cut
Fuyang paper cut is an ancient traditional folk art in Anhui Province, and it could date back to Southern and Northern Dynastie... Pub Date:22-08-18 11:28
Huangshan Maofeng Tea
Huangshan Maofeng Tea, as one of the national intangible cultural heritage, has a history over 100 years. Its name comes from i... Pub Date:22-08-11 16:04
Anhui Cuisine
Anhui Cuisine is regarded as one of the “the Eight Categories of Chinese Cuisine” with rich cultural heritage. The Hui cuisin... Pub Date:22-08-11 17:43
Datong Xiaomo Sesame Oil
Datong Xiaomo Sesame Oil, as the specialty of Tongling, has a history over 100 years, which was found in the Guangxu Period of ... Pub Date:22-08-12 09:48
Doumu Pottery
Doumu Pottery has been recognized as the “living fossil” in the history of pottery making by the archaeologists. And it was l... Pub Date:22-08-12 10:11
Gujinggong Wine
As one of the Eight Famous Chinese Wine, Gujinggong Wine has a good reputation as peony in Chinese wine. Pub Date:22-08-12 10:25
Huizhou Ink
Huizhou ink is a traditional handmade craft in southeast China’s Anhui Province, which is distributed in Jixi County, Shexian ... Pub Date:22-08-12 10:51
Bagongshan Tofu
Bagongshan tofu originated from Huainan, Anhui Province. It was included in the national intangible cultural heritage in 2014. Pub Date:22-08-11 18:01
Taiping Houkui
Taiping Houkui derived from Taiping County and regarded as one of the famous Chinese green teas. Pub Date:22-08-12 15:11
Keemun Black Tea
Keemun Black Tea, as the only black tea among the top ten famous teas in China, has its unique “Qimen aroma”. Pub Date:22-08-12 15:30
Mulberry-Bark Paper
Mulberry-bark paper could date back to as early as 1,700 years ago in the Han Dynasty. Because of its high quality, the paper c... Pub Date:22-08-12 15:44
Xuan Writing-Brush
Xuan writing-brush, as one of the top four Chinese pens, has a history over 2,000 years. Pub Date:22-08-12 15:55
Xuan Paper
Xuan paper making techniques is a traditional handicraft skill in Jingxian county, eastern China’s Anhui Province. Pub Date:22-08-12 16:07
Lu'an Guapian
Lu’an Guapian comes from Dabie Mountains of Anhui province, which is not only the Chinese traditional historical famous tea, b... Pub Date:22-08-12 16:44
Wan'an Compass
Wan'an Compass is the national geographic indication products in China, which comes from Wan'an Town, Xiuning County, Anhui Pro... Pub Date:22-08-12 17:13
Wang's Folding Fan
Wang's folding fan is an important symbol of Chinese culture with a history of over 3,000 years. Pub Date:22-08-15 09:14
Yashan Lotus Root Sugar
Yashan lotus root sugar is a speciality in Nanling County, Anhui Province. It is sweet and delicious, fluffy and crisp, and jus... Pub Date:22-08-15 09:26
Letter Paper Processing Technology
Making the traditional hand-made paper into processed paper with special function through some processes is the letter paper pr... Pub Date:22-08-15 09:52
Du's Copper Engraving
Du's copper engraving art is a handicraft technique that uses brass and white brass as the main materials and uses Du's self-ma... Pub Date:22-08-15 10:06
Jieshou Quyi Festival
Jieshou Quyi Festiva mainly includes Zhuizi Drama with Henan Zhuzi, Huaibei Dagu, Anhui Qinshu, pingshu, and yu Gu. Pub Date:22-08-15 10:18
Huizhou Folk Dwellings
Huizhou folk dwelling is the main Chinese traditional architecture style with important historical and cultural value. Pub Date:22-08-12 14:51
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