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Delivery man's organs help save 6 people

Pub Date:2020-09-02 08:50 Source:China.org.cn

Shi Yong (pseudonym), a 38-year-old delivery man, died from cerebral hemorrhage on Aug. 23, 2020. Stricken with grief, his family still gave permission for his organs to be donated, and the life-saving organs ended up saving six people.

With two children in school and sick parents, Shi had worked two jobs to provide for his family. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, he continued working as a food delivery man for China's leading food delivery platform, Ele.me, in Fuyang city of eastern China's Anhui province

On Aug. 20, Shi Yong suddenly fell into a coma and was diagnosed with intracerebral hemorrhage caused by hypertension. Though the medical staff tried their best, just two days later he was declared brain-dead. 

Shi Yong's family was overwhelmed when they heard the news. After consideration, the grief-stricken family made a decision: they would donate Shi's organs. 

"He was always willing to help others. Shi Yong's parents and I both agreed to donate his organs to save more people. I believe this was also Shi Yong's last wish," his wife said. "I hope all recipients can live well."

On Aug. 23, after a 10-hour-long surgery conducted by more than 100 medical staff members of the First Affiliated Hospital of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), six transplant operations were successfully performed, including liver, heart, kidney and cornea transplants. Currently, all the transplanted organs are working well and the recipients are recovering.

Organ transplantation is a vital therapy for terminal and irreversible organ failure. At present, all transplanted organs in China come from voluntary donations by citizens. 

According to the China Organ Donation Administrative Center, as of Aug. 31, the number of registered volunteers for organ donation topped 2.29 million, and 30,389 people have donated 88,810 organs as of Aug. 18. 

"Organ donation represents the humanity of the donor at its very best. Donated organs allow the continuation of life by saving others," said Liu Zhe, a staff member at the the First Affiliated Hospital of the USTC.


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