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Farmer with Polio Beats Poverty by Growing Flowers

Pub Date:2019-01-02 08:51 Source:People's Daily Online

Cong Zhengyou, a 55-year-old farmer from Huoqiu County, East China’s Anhui Province, was diagnosed with poliomyelitis (polio) when he was only eight months old. As his condition worsened, his legs became so deformed that he could not stand straight up, forcing him to “walk” with his hands.

Instead of complaining about his fate, Cong found a way to support himself and his family by growing flowers and get out of poverty. “I’m so pleased to finally be out of poverty. I want to be independent and can work,” Cong said.

Cong is grateful to those who offered him a helping hand, both known and unknown, to help him get out of poverty.

For example, Cong and his wife raise fish in a pond outside their home to earn extra money and people from the nearby city of Hefei who learned about his story stopped by to buy the fish. And once when he was unable to pay his son’s tuition for vocational school, a local foundation helped him through the difficult time.

For the New Year, Cong plans to expand his flower farm and bring in more kinds of flowers. He and his wife are also thinking about breeding crayfish in their pond, a more popular source of food.

The couple is pleased that their son has turned out to independent and considerate. Their son is doing an internship now and will send money back to his hardworking parents.

“I barely have any difficulties now and even if I do I can always overcome them,” Cong said with a positive attitude.


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