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“Civilized Table” during Spring Festival in Hefei

Pub Date:2023-01-30 16:46 Source:cnanhui.org

During the Spring Festival, the catering industry in Shushan District of Hefei City ushered in the peak consumption season, and the business of every restaurants was booming.The reporter visited some restaurants and found that many citizens consciously practiced the new trend of diligence and frugality, advocated healthy and civilized consumption and living habits in the New Year's Eve dinner as well as their family dinners.

"Nine of us went toa restaurant for dinner and order foods according to our needs, Since we couldn’t finish all the dishes, we packed them up and took them home.On the second day of the New Year, Mr. Zhao and his family had a dinner in the restaurant called Kitchen No. 77 in Qianshan Road. Since the restaurant served according to the number of guests during the Spring Festival which means you could not take another order so they took restaurant's suggestions, "We ordered as much as we eat and packed the leftovers. We dont waste food no matter at home or outside.

Many citizens pay attention to avoid extravagance when they go out to order food, and choose a healthy diet with both meat and vegetables. At the Haidilao restaurant in the COSMO City, Miss Yao choose to celebrate the New Year with having a meal of hot pot. "We choose to eat hot pot for the New Year's Eve dinner. If there are some leftovers, on the first day of the year, we can still eat them."

The person in charge of the restaurant said that when guests order, they always offer some reasonable suggestions. In addition to rational consumption, more citizens consciously use serving chopsticks and spoons, which many restaurants have prepared on the table in advance,and advise the public to use them in sake of reducing the risk of infectious disease.

Reported by Zuo Juanjuan, Sun Yujing, Shen Juanjuan.

Edited and translated by Xu Jingyi.


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