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Anhui: public service personnel back to work after Spring Festival

Pub Date:23-01-30 16:25 Source:cnanhui.org

After the Spring Festival, the staff of functional units, service windows, and street communities across Anhui Province quickly returned to work, continued to improve work efficiency, and provided their own contribution to the construction of a modern and beautiful Anhui.

The staff of the Government Service Hall in Shushan District, Hefei City handle various businesses for citizens on Jan. 28. Photo by reporter Wen Qin

On Jan. 28, all the staff of the Vehicle Management Office of the Traffic Police Brigade of Hexian County Public Security Bureau quickly entered the working state, and handled nearly 300 vocational work that day. The picture shows the staff carrying out the vehicle inspection work. Photo by correspondent Wang Che

On January 28, the first day of work after the Spring Festival, the team of family doctors from Tongzha Health Center of Hanshan County came to the contracted households to provide villagers with free door-to-door medical consultations, health checks, dispensing and delivery of medicines and other heart-warming services to protect the health of villagers. Photo by correspondent Ou Zongtao

On January 29, Ma'anshan Customs officers conducted on-site inspection and supervision of soft candies, yogurt and other foods to be exported by enterprises in the Ma'anshan Economic Development Zone, and took multiple measures to ensure "zero delay" in customs clearance of goods. Photo by Wang Wensheng

On January 28, all service windows of the Zongyang County Government Affairs Service Center were open for work, and all staff were on duty. The picture shows the staff handling business for the masses. Photo by correspondent Wang Zhangzhi

On January 28, in the hall of the Tongling Municipal Government Service Center, the on-duty staff of the Municipal Social Insurance Management Service Center were receiving the masses. Photo by correspondent Pan Wei

Editor:Zheng Chen

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