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Anhui’s GDP Growth Rate Exceeds 7.5% in 2019: Gov’t Work Report

Pub Date:2020-01-14 15:53 Source:www.cnanhui.org

Governor Li Guoying delivered an annual government work report to the 3rd Session of the 13th Anhui Provincial People’s Congress on January 12, 2020. The report reflected on Anhui’s progress in the past year and set priorities and targets for 2020.

Economic growth

Anhui’s gross domestic product (GDP) rose more than 7.5 percent year-on-year in 2019.

The province’s fiscal revenue climbed 6.5 percent from a year earlier. Its annual amount of tax and fee cuts reached 81.36 billion yuan.

Its fixed-asset investment increased over 9.0 percent.

The province posted a 10.5 percent year-on-year rise in retail sales of consumer goods, and a 7 percent increase in foreign trade value.

Grain output hit 40.5 million tonnes.

Value-added output of industrial firms with an annual revenue of more than 20 million yuan ($2.9 million) climbed 7.3 percent year-on-year.

The report set the economic growth target at 7.5 percent for 2020.

Integrated development of Yangtze River Delta

Anhui became part of the Yangtze River Delta officially.

The province took part in forming three industrial associations and an association featuring the production, processing and supply of green agricultural products in the region.

Hefei, capital of Anhui province, joined the Yangtze River Delta urban rail circuit, which allows residents of any of the 10 Delta cities to download the local subway APP for rides in any of the other 9 cities.

All of the 41 Yangtze River Delta cities integrated their health insurance payment systems.

High-quality development

Over 1,200 high-tech enterprises were founded last year.

The output of strategically emerging industries went up 14.7 percent, while the value-added output of high-tech industries grew 18.8 percent.

The province was home to 19 national outstanding small- and medium-sized companies in 2019, ranking first in China.

Anhui Conch Group Co.and Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Co.entered the Fortune Global 500 list for the first time.

Sci-tech innovation

Seven scientists were elected academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, setting a new record.

The province won 8 State Science and Technology Awards.

The number of patents for invention per 10,000 people hit 11.7.

The province was rated as the 10th most innovative province in China.

The country’s first ultra-thin float glass was made in Bengbu of the province.

Poverty alleviation

Anhui achieved its annual anti-poverty target by lifting 9 counties and 64 villages with a population of 400,000 out of poverty.

Its poverty rate declined to 0.16 percent from 0.93 percent in 2018.

Energy conservation and environmental protection

The province’s energy consumption per unit of GDP fell 3 percent.

Its average density of PM 2.5 reached 46 micrograms per cubic meter, a record low ever since it was monitored.


The province pushed ahead with a project that diverts water from the Yangtze River to the Huaihe River.

The Hefei Xinqiao International Airport renewal project kicked off.

The Chizhou Yangtze River Bridge opened to traffic.

Anhui became the second province in China that has a high-speed rail system connecting all of its 16 prefecture-level cities.


Urban residents’ disposable income per capita rose 9.0 percent in 2019, and rural residents’ disposable income per capita jumped more than 10 percent.

710,300 urban jobs were created. The surveyed unemployment rate was kept lower than 5.5 percent.

Construction on 231,100 affordable apartments were started, while 137,400 ones were completed.


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