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Year of the Rabbit celebrated across Anhui

Pub Date:23-01-28 17:39 Source:cnanhui.org, Anhui Daily

All over Anhui, cities and the countryside were all decorated with lanterns and festoons during the past Spring Festival holiday. Countless cultural heritages, traditional performances, and folk customs brought laughter and joy, making this important Chinese holiday lively and festive. Everywhere in the streets, the bright color of Chinese red dispels the winter cold, instilling passion and hope in people's hearts.

Folk artists perform the intangible heritage "iron flower" show (a folk art performance of throwing molten iron to create fireworks) in Qiaocheng District, Bozhou City, on Jan. 22. Photo by Zhang Yanlin

Before the Spring Festival, Shouxian County held its Folk Culture Festival of 2023, where cultural heritage items such as gong and drum music and Huagudeng (flower-drum-lantern) shows were presented. Photo by Li Bo, Zhao Yang

A drone light show was staged in Maanshan City on January 22. Photo by Luo Jisheng

Yingshang County held a Caijie event, a local intangible cultural heritage, at Guanzhong Old Street to celebrate the Chinese New Year on January 22. Photo by Wang Linhong

At the "Folk Culture and Arts Festival" in Sanhe Ancient Town, Feixi County, tourists were able to watch a series of traditional performances such as dragon dances, flower boat shows, and mussels dances. Photo by Xu Hao

Villagers of Dajia village, Hanshan County, organized a dragon lantern performance to welcome the Chinese New Year on January 22. Photo by Ou Zongtao

People participated in the lantern riddle activity at the 29th Chinese New Year Cultural Temple Fair in Hefei on January 22. Photo by Fang Hao

A dragon lantern dance performance was held before Spring Festival in Dongtou Village, Wuhu City. Photo by Shui Congze

A rabbit-shaped sugar painting attracted the attention of children at an intangible cultural heritage exhibition event on January 22 in Fuyang City. Photo by Wang Biao

During the Spring Festival, villagers of the She ethnic minority group in Qianqiu village, Ningguo City, made traditional food for tourists. The local agritourism industry provided service to more than 300,000 visitors last year. Photo by Li Xiaohong, He Xiaoyi

Editor:Fanxi Feng

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